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10 Best Minecraft Kitchen Ideas That Can Refresh Your Home Looks

Last updated February 13, 2023

With the great creative opportunities that Minecraft offers, there is an equal chance of frustration for the people who can't think outside of the box. For that reason, we have compiled some of the latest, best, and ideal Minecraft kitchen ideas that will blow your mind.

The kitchen in Minecraft is the central point in your home and requires a bit of extra attention to detail. 

Unlike any other room, there is extra precision involved in deciding the type of materials, theme colors, and organization.

So, to make you comfortable with some ideas that range from basic and easy to make to lavish and luxurious, we compiled them all here!

10 Best Minecraft Kitchen Ideas:

#1: Classic Modern Kitchen Idea

White concrete design Minecraft Kitchen with a large window.

This 12-block by 8-block kitchen makes a perfect combination for your house - No matter what type of house you are making. Its white concrete design is compatible with any house you make in Minecraft. The kitchen features a wide glass window on the right wall to letfresh soothing air into the dining area. The dining area has a wide and classic white table and sitting space for two people. The cooking area includes a working oven, a fridge and some indoor plants to make everything look natural. Follow Blendigi’s video to learn how to replicate this kitchen idea.

#2: Modern Luminous Kitchen 

Large minecraft kitchen with overhead lights, a large counter, and amenities

This Minecraft kitchen idea is a perfect pick for your lavish and luxurious home.  This can be considered an open kitchen as the creator just used stained glass to separate the area. A set of 3 wooden stools are used instead of traditional chairs which makes it a questionable build but this doesn't affect the charm of the area. The lights over and under the table get all the points. 6tenstudio’s idea could be replicated for your homes in less than 7 minutes.

#3: All Wood Kitchen Idea

All wood Minecraft kitchen, all tucked into the corner of the room.

If you are not blessed with rare building materials, this kitchen idea is your friend. Mainly using the spruce wood slabs and stairs, we can build an ideal wood kitchen. Light lamps when combined with brownish wood add beauty to the kitchen atmosphere. Sadly, you can't see a dining area in this kitchen style but this can be considered if you are not interested in a fancy kitchen. The idea came directly from Nerdak who completed this kitchen within 5 minutes. So, it is worth going for.

#4: Minimalist Modern Kitchen 

Black-grey-white minimalist Minecraft kitchen

The quick classic clean kitchen idea is here! This is one of the “easy to make” and “fits in with modern homes” ideas. We won't be wrong if we consider this as a real-life kitchen, as it has a working stove, refrigerator, and oven as well. The gray-black combination of wall cabinets is there for storage purposes as well as states the subdued color combination. The dining area is pretty much modern design where one side is for serving purposes and another one is for dining. Indoor plants are also placed there to brighten the kitchen. Mcram is a professional at doing modern-style Minecraft builds. You can follow him to get inspiration from his designs.

#5 6Ten Studio Crowded Kitchen Idea:

Large Minecraft kitchen with black and white checkboard floors.

6ten studio is second to none when it comes to building a pixel-perfect Minecraft build. This time, he tried to make a crowded yet perfect kitchen. A round of applause for the flooring and color selection that makes it a bit more intriguing than just simple solid colors. A working sink is a valuable addition that we haven't seen in the previous ideas.  

#6: 5 Star Extra Wide Kitchen Idea

Extra large Minecraft kitchen with several countertops, with a minimalist design.

Blendigi’s kitchen ideas are out of this world and this kitchen style is another example. 80% of the material used in the build is snow blocks that are shaped by the dark oak slabs and stairs. The separation of the cooking area and dining area makes this concept unique and the kitchen a bit more fresh and airy. Also, the use of end rods in the build is appreciable.

#7: Medieval Kitchen Idea

All wood cottage style Minecraft kitchen.

If you have built a wooden cottage-style house in minecraft, this kitchen style is your next must-have. Not only that, but this idea doesn't require fancy rare items. The majority of the items used are made of dark oak and spruce. The flooring could be improved by using some light-colored design that can make the kitchen area a bit brighter and less stuffy, but it's a great start.

#8: An Elegant Kitchen Idea

Very clean, minimalist Minecraft kitchen with white, grey, and black features.

Bored of crowded and over-loaded kitchens? Try this one from The Modernist. The minimalist kitchen style is not cluttered with dining areas and chairs but yet it has its glory in its design. The yellow lights popping from the stove area make the whole air warm and contribute to the classic design.

A central table and a mini-fridge with some white wall cabinets - that is all you get with this mini kitchen area.

#9: Glamorous Kitchen Idea By JinTube

Very luxurious and low light looking Minecraft Kitchen.

Can we think outside of the gray and white color combination for our kitchen? I don't think so - well, our next build is coming straight from Jintube who makes the perfect use of simple concrete blocks. You can't ignore their lanterns dropping bundles of yellow photons over the dining table and the center table making it a more cozy cool area to sit and eat. 

#10: Closed Kitchen Idea 

A smaller spaced kitchen with a large middle counter, low ceiling, and kitchen features.

We know you are a space lover but at the same time want to drag everything into your small spaced kitchen - well this idea is crafted for you only. The space saver idea is from AmyYeah, who tried to put a stove, cabinets, refrigerator, and a wide dining table under the same roof. The he flooring could be a bit better if it's made with some white concrete, but you can make changes if you decide to be inspired by this design.

Having a great kitchen is one thing, but having a great Minecraft bedroom will make your Minecraft build even better.

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