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10 Minecraft Bedroom Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Last updated February 20, 2023

Minecraft is a second-to-none game when it comes to creativity and versatility. With such an imaginative game, it’s really hard to stick to one type of concept. So here we are, with a number of amazing Minecraft bedroom ideas that can uplift the presentation of your home within Minecraft.

Stunning Minecraft Bedroom Ideas for Your Next Build :

Let's take a look at some Minecraft bedroom ideas that will blow your minds away.

#1: Luxury Bedroom Style

Just using some simple blocks and a bit of technique, here is a luxury and modern bedroom that you can make within 10 minutes. The best thing about the bedroom is that it is simple and stylish at the same time. The bedroom has a TV screen, a window, and a dressing table that adds extra points to its look. The idea came from BlenDigi and you can follow his guide to make an exact copy.


minecraft bedroom Ideas

#2: Classic Bedroom Design

This bedroom is for bookworms. With a bookshelf on its back and a lamp over the right side of the bed, this bedroom is the dream of readers. Two oak plants on both sides of the bed enhance the design even more. The red bed with red carpet around the floor is made with simple quartz stairs and Redstone blocks. You can follow the video by Gorillo here to make one for yourself too.


minecraft bedroom Ideas

#3 Warrior Bedroom 

The armor stands on the left side and three swords on the right side of the bed make it a perfect bedroom for a warrior. Dead horn coral fans are also used around the bed to give the feel of a luxury fur rug. Black and white squares on the right wall and a green plant just below it catches the eyes. The idea is from 6tenstudio on YouTube, and you can use this video to make one for your bedroom. 


minecraft bedroom Ideas

#4 Modern Battle Bedroom

Here comes another masterpiece from 6tenstudio. And this time we get some long couches on both sides of the bed with a space behind the bed. The space here will facilitate keeping lamps, plants, and suits of armor. On the right side of the bed, you can see three vertical windows that can refresh the room with their  aesthetic natural views. You can watch the video from 6tenstudio to make an exact copy for yourself too.


#5 Stylish Bedroom With Aquarium

Bring nature into your bedroom, with this amazing idea that covers both nature and luxury. On the right side of the bedroom, you will get some fish splashing in the water, and on the left side a window covering some greenish plants. The two lamps before the bed on both sides add more elegance to the wholesomeness of the room. The video from MCram will cover how you can make one for yourself in less than 15 minutes.


minecraft bedroom Ideas

#6 Sleek And Minimal Modern Bedroom 

This is a 7x12 room that features a closet, dressing table and space shelf on the right side, and much much more. This pink room makes a statement about how pretty and feminine it is. On the backside of the room, there is a pink glass window that lets the light pass and turn pink. You can see some lamps all over the room that brings the room to the next level. Credit goes to AmyYeah for this amazing bedroom design.


minecraft bedroom Ideas

#7 Two-in-One Bedroom

We call it the two-in-one bedroom from the fact that it's a bedroom plus work space! It's kind of one big room split into two halves. We have a super shiny but iconic bedroom here. The bedroom gives a welcoming feeling when you enter. On the right side of the wall, we have some family pictures hung up. The bed itself has a lot of extra space to accommodate lamps and indoor plants. A big window on the right welcomes a flood of light into the room that enlightens the whole space. The idea is from Katherine Elizabeth Gaming, a wonderful Youtuber. You can follow this video to make one for yourself.

minecraft bedroom Ideas

#8 Ancient Style Relaxing Bedroom

This bedroom idea gives some ancient king vibes from its texture and interior. Vintage lanterns and yellow glow tubes are used to brighten the room. Oak logs and wood slabs are used for the interior to give a woodsy touch. From its build position, it could be the best option to build it underground. You can also find some indoor plants around the room. The idea came from Jintube you can also follow his video to bring this idea into reality.


minecraft bedroom Ideas

#9 The All-in-One Bedroom

Finally, the all-in-one bedroom is here that has everything needed for living. From a cooking area to a dining one, you have it all under one roof. The upper portion of the bedroom has the sleeping area with a bed and dressing table on it, while the bottom portion of the room features a dining area and cooking space. You also can see some some bamboo near a mini floor aquarium that is a cute little add-on that maximize’s the room’s beauty.


The main materials used in the build is spruce and oak wood. The floor and cabinets give a fascinating woodish yellow color when the lanterns throw their light. The idea is from JinTube and you can use their video to make a copy for yourself.

minecraft bedroom Ideas


We hope you liked the amazing minecraft bedroom ideas. You can comment down below which bedroom build you liked the most! What room would you like to see next?

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