Discover the Latest Additions to Minecraft with the Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales Update! Featured Image

Discover the Latest Additions to Minecraft with the Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales Update!

Last updated March 20, 2023

The name, and therefore the theme, of Minecraft’s highly anticipated 1.20 update has finally been announced! Many players have been waiting for this moment, as the name of a major update tends to be the biggest decider for the content of the update itself. With the undersea revamp of the Update Aquatic to the fiery depths of the self-explanatory Nether Update, These title updates bring with them bundles of content for us all to enjoy. With snapshots, announcements, and hints scattered around various Minecraft developer’s socials, we were already well aware of some of the major content coming in this newest update, but with the title finally revealed, let’s go through every feature we can expect so far from Minecraft: The Trails and Tales update!


Bamboo blocks and items

Bamboo is a brand new family of blocks coming in 1.20. You’ll be able to use the bamboo already found in jungle biomes to create a beautiful selection of blocks, stairs, slabs, fences, and even a raft! This addition offers much in the way of building and decor, and offers some less euro-centric building options for builders looking to hone in on a different style!


How you decorate your Minecraft base is about to get a little more interesting. With many additions aiming to give creative freedom for you to clutter up your bunkers or organize your city streets. First up, the Chiseled Bookshelf is a new interactable block that allows you to physically store up to six books in its frame, whether they be regular old books, enchanted books, or even written books, this shelf can hold them all, unlike it’s contemporary cousin we’re all accustomed to, which is purely decorative. These new bookshelves can also be used in redstone machines, meaning you’ll need to be on the lookout for secret pulley books that reveal a hidden door next time you’re in your friend’s base.



Another highly anticipated decoration block coming in 1.20 is the Hanging Sign! A bit more expensive than the already existing family of signs, requiring iron where the old one’s don’t, these signs are going to allow for much more verticality in your Minecraft world. Hanging Signs can be, well hung, from roof blocks and fences, allowing you to give your shops or trails more life. The sky is very literally the limit with this addition. 


The most grisly decoration being added in this update may be the Piglin Head! For those unaware, Skeletons, Zombies, and even Creepers are able to drop their head upon death, only when blown up by the explosion from a Charged Creeper, a Creeper which has been struck by lightning. In 1.20, the Piglin is getting the same treatment, earning the ability to drop it’s head as an item in the same fashion. Dropped heads can be worn in the helmet slot as a mask, or placed in the world like any other block, and they make for excellent decoration. Now the hard part is going to be getting a Charged Creeper and a Piglin in the same room, without dropping your own head first!

New Default Skins

In the days of old, Steve’s friendly face was the definitive player character of Minecraft, with his goatee and his fashionable cyan half-tucked tee, he was the eyes we saw the blocky world through for years. That all changed on 2014 night, when Alex was added to the default character roster. Players making new accounts could now be randomly given this new, more feminine default character. Alex sported ginger hair, a green tunic, and most importantly, three pixel wide arms! These were a whole pixel smaller than Steve’s tree-trunk arms, and lended themselves well to female players, and skinnier characters in general. In the Trails and Tales update, a whole cast of characters are being added to the list, as Minecraft developers attempt to make the game more inclusive and identity with a wider audience of people. These characters are Noor, Sunny, Ari, Zuri, Makena, Kai, and Efe, and they all ship with a wider array of skin tones and outfits, so those without the ability, knowhow, or desire to change their in-game skin to something custom, can at least pick from a selection that they most closely identify with.

Armor Trims

On the subject of customization, the announcement of Armor Trims blindsided avid players as a feature we didn't know we needed! Coming in the new update, almost all armor pieces in the game will gain the ability to be gilded with another material, ranging from redstone to netherite each piece of armor has a variety of different styles and colors depending on the stencil and material used. This will give players the ability to make their armor their own, with thousands of combinations, this feature will breathe lots of life into the game, and i'm excited to see what kind of combinations players can come up with. Despite these trims being purely decorative, the variety and personalization they bring to the game is unmatched!


Mobs are oftentimes the most important piece of a title update. The creatures, good or bad, will be found in their natural habitats in your Minecraft worlds from their introduction to the end of time. That's why Mojang has a lot of pressure to make sure these additions are done exactly right, lest they end up with another Phantom situation on their hands *shutter*. The mobs added in The Trails and Tales Update however, are looking rather promising all things considered. The Sniffer, this year's Mob Vote winner, is making its appearance and bringing its lore with it. Sniffer Eggs will be found in underwater ruins for you to retrieve and cultivate in order to bring this otherwise extinct animal back from the dead. In return, the Sniffer is said to reward you with an all new plant. What exactly this plant will be is unknown, but we can only hope it will be worth the effort. 


In a decidedly drier biome, The Camel will be a new mountable animal found in deserts and other arid biomes. Camels can be ridden with a saddle and can even comfortably sit two players! Thats not all though, Camels are so tall, you’ll be out of harms way when it comes to Zombies, Husks, Spiders, and other creatures of the night that won’t be able to quite reach you all the way up there. Camels will also come equipped with a dash ability, so you won’t have to worry about crossing wide gashes and deep ravines in the landscape.

World Changes

Every once in a while, an update rolls out that can change the world as we know it, just look at update 1.7: The Update that Changed the World. In 1.20, we have two things so far to look forward to that will change the way we see our Minecraft worlds forever. First up being the addition of Archaeology, at long last. Originally announced a couple years ago, this feature was delayed indefinitely. Now though, archeology is significantly improved from its debut, and is making its way to the game in this latest update. You'll use a new tool called the brush to uncover ancient shards of pottery in the new suspicious sand block. Getting enough shards will allow you to create a pot, a new decorative item!



Finally, we have the addition of the brand new Cherry Blossom tree and biome! This biome will be a forest populated with beautiful trees sporting pale pink leaves. These trees can be harvested for the new family of Cherry Blossom wood, an equally pale pink wood variant that can be used the same as any other woodset, making stairs, slabs, doors, boats, you name it!


So that’s all we know about the upcoming Trails and Tales update! There are a lot of exciting features lined up and on their way to your game, so which are you most looking forward to? As the update is still being finalized, some features are liable to be changed or added to, and this may not even be the full list of additions planned for this title update. Mojang prides themselves on listening to their community, so if you have any feedback or comments about the planned features for this update, now would be the time to let them know. Have fun with these upcoming features, and happy crafting!

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