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Everything New in the Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update!

Last updated February 20, 2023

Are you excited about the brand new Minecraft 1.19 update? There’s no reason not to go wild after this 1.19 Wild Update as we now have some fantastic new mobs, biomes, blocks, and the most intriguing thing, the mud.

If you are thinking about how these things going to interact with the players and how you can use the new blocks, then look no further!

We will cover all the new features and adventures in this article. Keep reading to know exactly what to look for when you jump into the game.

Minecraft 1.19 version was released on June 7, 2022. The Minecraft community named it the Wild Update because most of the improvements and additions are made in the biomes and wildlife. There is so much to explore and experience. So without wasting any more time, let's jump into the adventure of knowing the unknown. 

New Blocks in Minecraft 1.19

Let's talk about the blocks first, as they are the primary structure of buildings and your Minecraft recipes.

Froglight Blocks

These blocks are dropped when frogs eat the jumping magma cube. You can lure a frog near a magma block for this purpose. The color of froglight blocks depends on the color of the frog. Froglights have three different types:

Pearlescent (purple)

Verdant (green)

Ochre (yellow)

Purple, green, and yellow froglight blocks.

According to the Minecraft light level, frog light blocks emit a light of level 15, the highest light level.  


Frogspawn are flat, square-shaped, nonsolid blocks. These are actually eggs laid by frogs on the water surface after mating in the slime biome. These eggs are hatched to produce the tadpoles. 

Square frogspawns in the minecraft water.

Mangrove Leaves

Yes, you heard it right, there is a new Mangrove forest biome in the Overworld. This forest has its own blocks and plants. These mangrove leaves are generated on the mangrove trees and can be used for decorative purposes. You can also grow them using bonemeal. 

Picture of a Mangrove forest.

Mangrove Log

Just like birch and oak, mangrove trees produce mangrove logs. You can also craft them into planks, wood, and strip the wood, which can all be used for crafting things like gates, fences, stairs, slabs, doors, trapdoors, buttons, boats, etc.

Red and Pink Mangrove Logs.

Mangrove Sapling or Propagule

There is a new sapling addition in the Overworld: the mangrove tree sapling. You can find it in the mangrove biome hanging from the mangrove's leaves. You can collect them to grow new mangrove trees. The best thing about these saplings is that they can be grown underwater!

Picture of a Mangrove sapling in a mangrove tree.

Mangrove Roots

Mangrove roots are an insane addition to Minecraft. These are excellent decorative blocks for your mountain house. These roots have the ability to hold water when you pour a bucket on them. In addition, these roots can be extracted using a piston system. 

Picture of Mangrove roots in Minecraft.

Muddy mangrove roots are another type of mangrove roots. You can find them in mangrove swamp biomes naturally. If you want to craft them, you will need one mud block and one mangrove root block. 

Mud Block

Mud was first announced in Minecraft live in October 2021, then in a tweet, and now the wait is over. This Minecraft 1.19 Wild update has a mud block in it. You can find the mud in the mangrove swamp biomes and near the water reservoirs. You can create mud by splashing water on the dirt or using the dispenser. You can use simple dirt, coarse dirt, or rooted dirt for this purpose. 

Picture of a single mud block

It feels a bit silky when walking on the mud blocks. However, clay blocks can also be made using mud blocks. All you have to do is place a dripstone underneath the mud block. It will dry out the mud block, thus producing clay. The mud block can also be used to craft walls, stairs, mud bricks, mud-brick slabs, and stairs. 

Packed Mud

Packed Mud is another block derived from the mud block. You have to collect wheat and mud blocks to make a packed mud block. Open your crafting table, and place one mud and one wheat side by side. It will generate the packed mud block. These blocks are light brown and can also be used to craft slabs, stairs, walls, etc. 

Picture of Packed mud in a swamp

Reinforced Deepslate

As we know, deepslate is the unbreakable block in Minecraft. This 1.19 update will find another type of deepslate called reinforced deepslate. You can find these reinforced deepslated in the center of the ancient city in the deep dark. These blocks are explosion-proof and cannot be mined.

Its shape is just like the framed deepslate. You cannot obtain it in survival mode - the only way to do so is through commands. It’s also fully resistant to Pistons, the Ender Dragon, and the Wither.


Sculk can only be found in the deep dark biome of the Overworld. It has a texture like galaxy stars and can only be obtained using a Silk Touch pickaxe. The sculk block expands when any mob dies near it. It has three different types. 

Picture of a minecraft Sculk

Sculk catalyst: produces sculk visual features if a mob dies and drops experience near it.

Sculk shrieker: emits a sound when a player triggers it and applies the Darkness effect

Sculk vein: a flat block that is generated when a sculk catalyst is triggered. Visual only.

New Mobs in Minecraft 1.19 Update

New mobs are also part of this update!. Many of them are cute, while others are dangerous. So here is each mob and their abilities.


The Allay mob was teased back during Minecraft Live 2021. Allay are cute flying mobs, and they are friendly. They look and fly just like the phantom but with small feathers. They are light blue with white eyes. If a player gives them an item, the Allay will follow that player and pick up dropped versions of the same item.

The Allay mob in Minecraft.

You can find Allay in the woodland mansion in jail cells, or near Pillager outposts locked in wooden cages.


Frogs are another adorable mob addition to Minecraft Overworld. Frogs spawn from the frog spawner in the water. There are three species of frogs introduced in the 1.19 Wild update

Temperate frogs

Cold frogs

Warm frogs

The showing of Minecraft temperature frogs but having it sit half on snow and half on grass.

These frogs love to eat small-sized slime blocks, magma cubes, fireflies, and even goats. After breeding, it takes only 20 minutes to transform from tadpoles into fully mature frogs. However, you can speed up the growth process by providing them with slimeballs. Then, the frog tadpoles can be carried with a water bucket. They can't survive on land, just like fish. 


The Warden is the most awaited mob in the history of Minecraft. It was first announced at Minecraft Live 2020 and now you will see it in the latest update. The Warden is a blind mob that spawns in the deep dark biome. It spawns due to the Sculk shriekers. If a player activates Sculk shriekers four times, a Warden will spawn in that cave.

The Minecraft Warden holding an axolotl

Wardens emerge from the ground and they are a difficult mob to eliminate or sneak away from. Even wearing Netherite armor is worthless, as its sonic boom attack ignores all shields, armor, and enchantments. In addition, it's immune to lava and knockback.

When the warden dies, it produces a Sculk catalyst. However, if the player can successfully hide and the Warden doesn’t detect any vibrations for 60 seconds, it will despawn.

Transportation Changes in Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update

In this latest update, there are two major changes in transportation. One is the Boat with Chest and the second one is the Mangrove boat. Both additions are amazing. Boats are the fastest way to travel across the ocean or ponds. Boats are also used to transport animals.

Boat With Chest

You can create this boat with a chest using a crafting table. All you have to do is just place a boat of any wood and a chest side by side. It doesn't matter where you place the chest or boat as far as they are in adjacent blocks. 

All types of boats with chests in them.

Mangrove Boat

A mangrove boat is another addition to your inventory. This boat is made with the mangrove wood that you can get from the mangrove forest. The recipe is the same as other boats - put two mangrove planks into the first two boxes of the first row and one into the middle box of the crafting table, and two planks into the first two boxes of the last row. 

New minecraft Mangrove boat with a chest in it.

New Biomes and Locations in Minecraft Wild Update

3D Biome Blending

In the Wild Update, you can see improved 3D blending both inside and outside the caves. 3D blending interconnects and merges biomes without any significant visual differences. In addition, developers have increased the height and depth of the Overworld and blended biomes like forests, caves, and deep lush caves. 

Minecraft house on the bank of a sandy river. Shows the new 3D biome Blending

3D biome generation is another feature of 3D blending in which multiple biomes generate beneath or on top of each other. 3D blending makes it easy to gather maximum resources from one area of the Overworld. 

Ancient City

The ancient city is an amazing update for players who love to explore. It is located in the deep dark biome beneath the caves. The ancient city is interconnected with long corridors decorated with gray carpets, soul lanterns, candles, and soul fire. 

Screenshot of the Ancient City in Minecraft

It has a very complex structure, mostly made up of the new reinforced deepslate material. Corridors often contain small rooms with locked doors that are operated with redstone circuits underneath the city. Pistons directly operate some doors near the entrance. 

Darkness Effect

The darkness effect is a visual effect that dims the player’s vision. It steadily closes over a short period of time. The darkness effect is produced in two situations. First, when the sculk shrieker is activated, and second when Warden emerges from the ground.

Screenshot of the Darkness effect in Minecraft.

The duration of the darkness effect is 13 seconds. And no matter what kind of light source surrounds you, it will still affect you, although you will still be able to see luminous objects through the darkness.

Deep Dark Biome

The deep dark biome lies deep underground, far below the Y=0 coordinate. The key identification is the presence of Sculk blocks and the Warden. The deep dark biome contains the deep dark ancient cities. Most of the blocks present are Sculk blocks and frame blocks. During Minecraft Live 2021, it was revealed that the deep dark biome would also contain a chest with loot, mostly in the Warden cabin. 

The blue Deep Dark Biome

You will find different portal statues, candles, soul lamps, and many other scary things in the dark biome. You will also experience the darkness effect in the deep dark biome. 

Mangrove Swamp Biome

The wait for the new mangrove biome is over! Mangrove swamp biome is now in Minecraft, with waterlogged trees loaded with long hanging vines and transparent roots. It is present in the tropical region and is the revamped version of the mangrove forest. You will also find the warm climate frogs in the mangrove swamp biome.

The mangrove swamp biome.

It feels silky, and the player sinks while walking on the land patches due to the muddy floor. You will also see the patches of sand creating small islands on the edges of this biome.

Minecraft 1.19 Features That Were Cut

While all of the above made it into the Minecraft 1.19 update, there are plenty of features that were teased throughout the development process, but were ultimately removed from the final release. Here are some of the most notable removed features that were originally supposed to be in the Wild Update.

Minecraft Live 2021

Minecraft Live 2021 tackled topics from the past 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Update Part II to their upcoming 1.19 Wild Update, and they announced the addition of a new boat variant and wood type, new biomes, and new entities. This is also where the Allay was decided to be added through the Mob Vote that is held every time Minecraft Live happens.

Further down the livestream, they began to talk about finding the uniqueness of each biome, giving them their own identity. They also began talking about adding the Fireflies as another ambiance mob and also… as a frog food.

There were many things announced around Minecraft Live 2021 that never made it to the full release, but were teased and concepted along the way.

Minecraft fan art of the new update.

The Birch Forest Update

If you’ve watched Minecraft Live 2021, you’ll immediately recognize the image below as the concept art for a revamped or potentially new Birch Forest Biome. It has taller Birch trees and more flora, including two new flowers, a fungi growing on the side of the trees, and branching logs for the trees themselves.

Minecraft fan art of what the Birch Forest Update could have been.

Using a special resource pack, it is still possible to see this concept art in the game, as was done to capture the image below. This Birch Forest Concept datapack lets you enjoy this kind of ambiance and features that will not be implemented in the game such as the growing fungus on the logs and new kinds of flowers.

A picture of the birch forest datapack, a projection of what the update could have been.

The majority of the people who saw this teaser believed that the Birch Biome would find its way into the game. After all, they said that they want to celebrate the wilderness of Minecraft. With all of the other cool biomes updates in the 1.19 release, it’s not a stretch to assume that the Birch Forest would be included.

However, in a video that they uploaded to YouTube in May 2022 titled “Ask Mojang: What happened to the fireflies in Minecraft 1.19?”, the people behind Minecraft specifically said that “concept art is not a commitment” and that they have not continued working on it.

"birch forest improvement is not something that we have continued working with"

This leads the community to question the “wildness” of the Wild Update. Many fans called it out as a Caves and Cliffs Update Part III with how prominent the cave update is over the wilderness content, despite the name implying updates to the more wild biomes like forests.


One of the most criticized mobs that was previously announced was the Fireflies. Not because of its functionality but because of how it was designed. The mob was supposed to be the primary food fore the newly added frogs and would act as a good ambiance mob for the Swamp Biome, with their glowing tails.

The two pixeled Minecraft mob the firefly in daylight and night.

This two-pixeled mob was ridiculed by the community for its simplicity. There are also players who truly appreciate the mob for the ambiance it will bring to the game, adding to the immersion of the environment. To the chagrin of any firefly fans, Mojang ended up doing something with the Fireflies in the final release of the game that is aggravating some in the community.

In a Reddit post by a now-deleted user, this user stated: “fireflies are toxic for most amphibians and lizards. Half a firefly is enough to kill a bearded dragon…” Mojang announced in the same video mentioned earlier that they will now be removing the Fireflies to avoid this scientific inaccuracy. The frogs’ new diet is the small slimes roaming around in the Swamp. They even credited the community for pointing this problem out.

Reddit post about the new update.

Although Mojang decided to remove this mob in the update, they stated that it will be in their “Idea Library” of potential future content.

In the following days, the video they uploaded to YouTube garnered a lot of negative comments and even suggestions on what to do with the Fireflies. One such comment suggested making the fireflies a particle effect instead of a mob.

Youtube article comment

Another commenter wondered why the developers didn’t keep the fireflies while removing the ability for frogs to eat them.

Youtube comment about the Minecraft update.

And of course, more commenters underscored the desire to have fireflies as a purely visual aspect, even if they don’t add any gameplay mechanics.

Youtube comment about the update

In the end, players won’t be getting the Fireflies and Birch Forest that were initially promised. Only time will tell if we will be seeing these removed features in a future version of the game.


Despite everything that was removed, it’s clear that there is a lot of brand new content in the hotly anticipated Minecraft 1.19 Wilds Update. Let us know in the comments what your favorite part is, and if you’ve gotten a chance to play the new update yet!

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