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How to Become a Part of the Minecraft Community and Suggest Features for the Game!

Last updated September 6, 2022


Whether you like building, going on expeditions, or even fishing, the Minecraft community gives you a platform and the tools necessary to do these things. So it is not surprising to see you here, trying to get involved more in the community aspect of the game. As a member of this beautiful community, I'm happy to have yet another member, whether you're a Minecraft Java Edition player or otherwise! (one of us, one of us, one of us!)

This article will be straight to the point; I'll let you know about the various Minecraft social media and sites where you can find other like-minded people, where Minecraft is active, and where you can express your thoughts about the game. Minecraft has millions of players spread across the globe; hence the community is diverse, so you'll really soon find someone that shares the same interests as you.

So let's not drag the intro anymore and get to the real meat of the topic!

The Minecraft community's social


Twitter is probably the best social media out there if you want to stay updated about Minecraft, the events, and the devs' lives. The Minecraft Twitter handle isn't that great, though; we encourage you to be on Twitter because of Minecraft's brilliant devs!

The Minecraft devs are funny and really helpful; they'll reply immediately if you have a suggestion or a query. They also post sneak peeks of the new updates and stuff they're working on, which is always fun to watch. Minecraft Twitter is an excellent place to be, and overall a great community can be found on twitter.


Reddit, in my opinion, is the best place to post your builds, farms, or art. The Minecraft subreddit has a lot of members; you can always get opinions, ask for help, or get inspired by the great things the community is doing. Minecraft players do a lot of crazy stuff every day, and you can catch up on them by being a part of the subreddit.


The Minecraft youtube account is one of the most essential sources of updates; always stay subscribed to it. The Mob Vote, new update announcements, and most of the events happen on the youtube channel. The devs are also always trying to create content that's fun and engaging, You won't want to miss that!

The channel periodically releases high-quality videos that are super funny and feature mobs from the game in the derpiest way possible. There are countless content creators in the YouTube community who have an established community you can always become a member of, watch their gameplay of new updates, play games on minigame servers, ot just see their creativity flow as they build cool structures.

Instagram and Facebook

Minecraft Instagram account isn't active most of the time. Most of the active members of the community can be found on Twitter or Reddit, so the Instagram page is not that great. Also, I'm not including Facebook, as I don't think a lot of Minecraft members are on that platform.

Minecraft feedback website + Forum 

If you want to be a part of the next big update for Minecraft or if you feel like you have a great idea that can be in Minecraft, feel free to drop it at Minecraft feedback. If people like your idea, they'll vote for it. The more votes you get, the higher you get ranked, and the higher the chances that the devs will actually see them.

Once they see a good idea, they put it into the under review section, and then they start working on it if it is feasible. For example, the cave update was suggested years ago. It just sat there in the under review section for months and months when they decided to give us the update one day.

I've personally voted for a rideable dragon; who wouldn't want a rideable dragon? It would be so cool to glide around your base on one!


The most important event that Minecraft hosts every year is Minecraft LIVE, formerly known as Minecon. The event happens every year, and Minecraft players from around the world (including me) are stuck to their screens to see what the devs have in store for us.

The results of the mob votes are shown in the event, and the next update is also revealed here. It's just such an exciting time of the year that I look forward to it every year. For Minecraft players, it's like early Christmas!

You can also always participate in the various Minecraft-hosted competitions that they post on their site.

And last but not least, you can become a part of a multiplayer server or an SMP (“survival multiplayer”). It's the best way to create long-lasting friendships, and that's how I got interested in Minecraft; playing the game with your friends and building bases together is probably my favorite part.

So what are you waiting for? Go hop onto Twitter or Reddit and get the conversation started! 

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Title photo: "LEGO Nintendo Switch (Minecraft)" by BrickinNick is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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