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How to Find the Woodland Mansion in Minecraft 1.18

Last updated March 13, 2023

Finding the Woodland Mansion in Minecraft is a daunting task if you don’t know how to locate it. Many new players go off the cuff and start exploring the world randomly hoping to find a Woodland Mansion. But this is the worst way of going about it.


The Woodland Mansion is by far the rarest structure in Minecraft; in fact, it is so rare that many players who’ve played the game for years haven’t even found it! So what will you have to do to find this coveted structure? Well, that’s what we're answering in this guide, so let’s get into it!

Woodland Mansion


The woodland mansion is a structure that generates in dark oak forests. They are massive and have three floors inside them. These floors contain many rooms in them. Depending upon your world, your woodland mansion will have different rooms as it generates differently every time.


These mansions are not only the rarest structures in Minecraft; they are also the weirdest. The rooms in the mansion have abnormal structures in them made up of wool. Many believe that the evokers and vindicators that live in the mansion are doing experiments on the villagers in the mansion.


Apart from the weirdness in the mansion, there also is a lot of loot, and the totem of undying can be obtained by killing the evoker. So it is worth the trip! The totem of undying will let you live even if your health drops to zero, but only one time.


Minecraft character talking to a cartographer villager in Minecraft



You’ll first need the cartographer villager to trade with to locate the woodland mansion. If you don’t have a cartographer in the village, simply pick one villager and destroy its work block. Then replace this block with the cartographer table, and the villager will turn into a cartographer.


Once you have the cartographer, trade with him to unlock the Woodland Explorer map trade. Once you have the trade available, trade with the villager to get the woodland mansion map. It will cost 14 emeralds and one compass.


Minecraft building of a chicken and a cat.

Locating the woodland mansion


Once you get the mansion map, the next thing you need to do is put on the best gear you have and get the best tools you can. The woodland mansion holds difficult enemies, so don’t underestimate the foes there. Especially the evoker who has very deadly attacks.


Once you're geared up, open up the map and see where you stand on it. Your position will be shown via a small white arrow, and the woodland mansion will have a house-like marking on the map. Simply start moving in the direction of the mansion until you arrive.


As mentioned earlier, the mansion is located in the dark oak forest, so if you reach this biome, you might be near the mansion.


The woodland mansion has a main entrance. You can walk right up or dig your own door. Remember, there are a lot of mobs inside, so make sure you are prepared to fight them. Especially the vindicators and the vex. They deal a lot of damage quick, so remember to set your respawn point near the mansion.

Commands to locate the Woodland Mansion


You can locate the Woodland Mansion by simply using the command /locate mansion rather than waiting to train a cartographer.


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