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How to get Netherite in Minecraft 1.19: 3 Easiest methods

Last updated March 20, 2023



Diamond lost its crown to Netherite in the Nether update. Since then, the best armor and tools in Minecraft have been Netherite. But just like its predecessor, Netherite is also notorious for being extremely rare to find.


Unlike Diamond, Netherite is available only in the Nether, making the mining process even more complicated as there are a lot more chances of you encountering lava. But on the bright side, you don’t need a lot of Netherite to craft Netherite armor or tools; you just have to combine the Netherite with the Diamond tools you already have.


This makes mining Netherite feasible as not a lot of it is needed to get a complete set of armor and tools. That being said, mining the ore is still pretty time-consuming, so we decided to share with you the 3 most straightforward methods that will help you find and mine Netherite faster.


Minecraft player strip-mining in the Nether.

Method #1: Strip-Mining


The first method we’ll be shedding some light on this list is that you will already be familiar with it if you have diamond pickaxe or armor on you. I’m talking about strip diamond mining; it has been the go-to method of mining diamond ore for years now.


And the method works pretty well will Netherite as well. Just reach the Nether, and dig down to Y Level 15. Then start strip-mining just like you would do in the overworld. This is a pretty old method, but why change something that isn’t broken?


Also, don’t forget to be vigilant when mining diamond ; there are many more lava pockets in the Nether than there are in the overworld.


An exploded area within the Minecraft Nether.

Method #2: Explosives


As Netherite is pretty rare, the best way to start looking for it is to break as many blocks as fast as possible. And you can’t break that many blocks even if you have the best pickaxe in the game. So using explosives to mine Netherite isn’t very far-fetched.


In fact, many players only use TNT to look for the ore as it is very effective. Simply mine down to Y Level 15, create a long tunnel, and place TNT blocks. To make the most out of the resources you have, make sure to put the TNT at every 4th block in the tunnel.


Blowing 1 TNT will trigger a chain reaction. Once all the TNT blocks explode, go in the tunnel and start looking for Netherite. You’ll likely find some. Many players have mined a lot of Netherite using this technique. But the downside to this method is that it needs a lot of TNT.


But if you manage to build a creeper farm, getting TNT won't be very difficult.


A bed placed in the Minecraft Nether.

Method #3: Exploding Beds


Method 3 is similar to Method 2 on this list, but unlike the TNTs, we will be using beds instead to cause massive explosions. Beds in Minecraft explode when you try to sleep on them in the Nether dimension, so why not use this to our advantage in the game.


To find diamond start by mining down to Level Y 15, then start tunneling. In the tunnel, start placing beds 2 blocks in front of you, put two blocks between you and the bed, and try sleeping on it. The blocks will act as a buffer between you and the explosion and allow you to sleep on the bed.


This method is more accessible to implement than the TNT method, as beds can be crafted in abundance as the recipe is pretty straightforward. But the downside to this method is that you can’t stack beds, so you’re limited by the number of beds that you can carry. This can easily be countered by crafting the beds on the spot by having a crafting table on you at all times.

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