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How to make a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft

Last updated August 29, 2022

The Nether is perhaps one of the most iconic dimensions in gaming. It is full of dangerous mobs and rivers that want to kill you. 

It was fun to tell people that you can sleep in the nether and watch them explode, but now you can respawn in the nether. Yes, the new Minecraft update is historical since the nether is so notorious and deadly, and farming resources in it have always had a high casualty rate. But now your operations in the nether are much safer.  

But make sure that the distinction is clear; you can set a respawn point but not with a bed. The process can be tedious and annoying, like the nether itself. But once you do it, I swear it will be worth it. 

Below is a quick guide on how you can make a respawn anchor in Minecraft. 


How to Set Up the Respawn Point

To set a respawn point, you’ll need to construct a block that stays charged over time; this block will be your respawn block. 

However, to craft this block, you’ll need crying obsidian and glowstone. Both can only be found in the nether. 

Most Minecraft players are aware of Glowstones. They are very common in the nether region. Mining the blocks gives us Glowstone dust which can be used to create a Glowstone Block. But if you have a Silk touch pickaxe, you don't have to worry about the dust. 

Glowstone in the nether

Crying Obsidian is something that’s very new. 

Crying obsidian is a rare type of Obsidian that you can’t create. You can try to find Ruined Portals that can spawn it, which can be found in the Nether and Overworld. Mine the blocks with a Diamond pickaxe just like you would for normal obsidian. You can find the blocks in the Bastion Remnant chests. You can also barter for gold ingots from the Piglins, but it is very rare to get obsidian this way.   


Materials Needed to Craft the respawn anchor.

1. Six Pieces of crying obsidian

2. Three to seven pieces of Glowstone

3. Crafting Table

Respawn Anchor recipe

Steps to Follow 

1. Combine Obsidian And Glowstone in the crafting table.

2. Choose your location for the respawn anchor (Make it safe).

3. Charge the anchor.

4. Use the action button to set your respawn point. 


Things you should know about the respawn anchor.

Every spawn anchor will only have four charges. Hence, ensure you have enough Glowstones to recharge the spawn point since using depletes one charge each time. 

All four charges on a respawn anchor

You can’t use a bed, and a respawn anchor at the same time. So you’ll have to sacrifice your custom-colored bed if you wish to have a respawn anchor in the nether. 

To move the respawn anchor, you’ll need to use a diamond pick ax because the respawn anchor is just as durable as the obsidian. 

You can use the respawn anchor at the End of the Overlord. It will literally blow up in your face if you use it anywhere else.

Dispensers can be used to charge the respawn anchor. Keeping respawns anchor's charge level at a sufficient capacity can be quite a hassle. Make sure you fill up your dispensers with Glowstones and make it's facing the anchor. 



Minecraft players have been waiting for this update for a very long time, and it is finally here. 

The nether quite literally signifies the concept of hell. But you still want to spend time there if you wish to have the rare materials you’ll find there. 

Surviving in the nether has always been a harsh experience if you plan to spend a lot of time in the nether. 

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