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Minecraft 1.18.2 Release Candidate 1 is Ready to be Released

Last updated March 20, 2023

Updated Feb 28th, 2022: Minecraft Java 1.18.2 has been released.

Minecraft 1.18 was the most ambitious Minecraft update of all time; there’s no doubt about that. The entire overworld was changed. It has gotten an overhaul so good that the devs won’t have to update it for years now.

The update was so big that they had to split it into two parts. The technical difficulties that the team faced had to be taken care of in two updates. Though the updates turned out to be great, some bug fixes were still left.

Finally, it looks like these bugs will get patched in this latest update which is scheduled to be released on 28th February.

For those of you who don’t know what this release candidate is, here’s a basic rundown. When something new is announced in the game, the team first tests out the features and gets feedback from the community by deploying minor features in snapshots.

Then we get pre-releases, and then the release candidate, which, as the name suggests, are the versions of the game that will be officially released. Though this will be the final update to 1.18.2, there might be another release candidate if there are any issues still persisting in the game. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

Bug fixes

Most of the bugs in the game were taken care of in pre-releases 1, 2, and 3. Some of the major bugs got patched, including glitches with the glow berries and glow lichen. Apparently, the light from these sources would get cut off if there was a chunk border in the middle.

A minor bug caused the double click to not work when trying to join realms. Another bug caused the world to freeze when you located the pillager outpost using commands.

Apart from that, other minor issues have been taken care of in Minecraft 1.18.2. You will download this version of the update on 28th February so make sure you mark your calendars.

1.19 snapshots next?

Now that the 1.18 updates have been taken care of and all the bugs have been patched, what’s next for the game? We already know that the 1.19, The Wild Update will be released this year, in which we will finally get to see the warden and the ancient cities, which have been delayed multiple times at this point.

The Minecraft devs can now finally fully focus on the 1.19 update and churn out snapshots every week. We’ve recently gotten an experimental snapshot that introduced the ancient cities and the warden in them.

We also got a peek at the mangrove swamps, a new biome that is being added to Minecraft. Frogs and froglights have also been released to get community feedback.

The next couple of weeks will be exciting as now we’ve started to see the 1.19 update come to life, and we can’t wait to play it!

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