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Simple AFK Fish Farm That Anyone Can Build Is BACK In 1.19!

Last updated September 7, 2022

The simple AFK Fish Farm was a polarizing mechanic when it was discovered back in Minecraft version 1.15.1. The design is so dirt cheap, that any player of any skill level could build it in under 5 minutes. This farm was criticized for being too overpowered, some going as far as to say using this farm is a form of cheating! Those people’s concerns were not unfounded, The farm was fully AFK, meaning you could set yourself up in the game, and go to sleep for the night, work on your homework, or just watch a movie, and the entire time, you would be passively fishing up all kinds of loot such as Mending books, name tags, saddles, XP, and enough food to keep you fed for an eternity.


Life was good for the Minecrafters that took advantage of this controversial farm, until in update 1.16, the Nether Update, the farm as we knew it was changed forever. The mechanics were still there, but with changes to Minecraft’s code, the design of the machine needed to be much more complex to work, raising the skill ceiling much, much higher than what was required previously. Breaking players’ older farms, and requiring so much technical knowledge to build a new one, many players gave up on the AFK Fish Farm.

Until now.

Rays Works on Youtube has discovered a brand new way to take advantage of Minecraft 1.19’s Sculk mechanics with a new AFK Fish Farm design that you can build in your survival world, no matter your Redstone skill level! Below are all of the blocks you’re going to need to build this new farm;

Building Blocks of any kind (I’m using Smooth Stone because it’s timeless.)

32 Glass Blocks

1 Soul Sand

1 Torch

20 Wool Blocks

1 Sculk Sensor

1 Sticky Piston

1 Chain

1 Pressure Plate

4 Redstone Dust

4 Hoppers

4 Walls

1 Redstone Repeater

1 Iron Trapdoor

2 Wooden Trapdoors

2 Fence Gates

2 Water Buckets

2 Boats

32 Stairs

2 Signs


Once you’ve gathered up all of the required materials, we can begin constriction! I’ll be using alternating concrete to help better visualize the scale for you, You will not have to do this.

First thing first, you're going to dig a 1x6 hole 4 blocks deep, Then break the 4 blocks in the middle.

Stairs going down into sandstone

Next, Place 2 Wool Blocks in the smaller hole at the bottom of the hole, followed by a Sticky Piston facing up. Then, place a Redstone Repeater on the Wool Block facing away from the piston, and right-click it 3 times.

Now, Place a Wool Block in front of the Repeater, then a Redstone Dust beside the Piston, opposite the Repeater. Now place a Sculk Sensor beside the Redstone Dust. So far, your build should look like this;

After you’ve done that, dig the hole down either side of the Sculk Sensor, and fill in Wool Blocks 2 high around it. In front, you’ll have to place a Wool Block on top of the Redstone Dust. Finally, place a Wool Block on top of the Redstone Repeater, make sure to hold crouch while you do, or else you’ll reset the tick!

Now, this part may get a little confusing, so watch what you're doing. Place another Wool Block above the Sticky Piston, Not directly on top of it, leave a block of air between the Piston and the Wool Block! Now continue stacking Wool Blocks around the Sculk Sensor until it’s level with the ground, build the Wool up to a staircase, and place 3 Redstone Dust along the stairs like so;

Then, standing where you see the Pink Concrete in the picture above, Place Soul Sand in the hole surrounded by Wool Blocks at ground level. Place an Iron Trapdoor on the Wool Block furthest away from you and make sure it opens away from you. If you were standing where the Pink Concrete is shown, this shouldn’t be a problem. Standing where the Red Concrete is shown, place a sign on the side of the Trapdoor, and then place a Building Block on top of it. Place a Wool Block on either side of the Trapdoor, and then place another Building Block on top of both Wool Blocks.

Next, we’re going to fill in the bottom of our machine to keep things tidy and protected. First, place a Torch just above the lowest Redstone Dust on your staircase, then you can place a Building Block above that. In the image, you will see I’ve used Red Glass, this is just for demonstration purposes, and will be changed to Smooth Stone in the next picture, same with all of the rest of the Red Glass you will see in this section. Next, use Building Blocks to cover up the majority of your machine. Use the picture below as a guide. Once you have the machine protected, create a platform on the highest level using building blocks. Again, I’ve used Red Glass temporarily to make this step easier on the eyes.

        Now, you’re going to place a sign on the wall beside the Soul Sand, on the side that’s open to the world. Then, place two Wooden Trapdoors level with the platform we’ve built leaving the Soul Sand open to the sky. We’re going to make a quick storage system now, so place a Double Chest on the right side of the opening on the ground level, place a Hopper feeding into the chest from the right side, then another Double Chest half on top of the Hopper and half on top of the Chest below. Place a Hopper feeding into the chest from the left side this time, and then one more Double Chest half on top of the Hopper and half on top of the Chest below that. Now feed one last Hopper into the left side of the top chest. The machine should now look like this:

Now, place a middle Building Block in front of the upper-most Hopper, and use that as a base for an archway into your farm. Once that’s built, go to the left side of the structure and place upside down Stairs all around the second block up from the ground. Then place building blocks on top of the Stairs, make sure you place an upside-down stair on top of the chest on the right side so that it can still open.

 Left Side

 Right Side

Now, you can’t make a fish farm without anywhere to fish, which is what we're going to tackle now! Go ahead and use your 2 Water Buckets to create an infinite water source close by, and then place some water directly on top of the Soul Sand, and another on top of that water. Create an L shape of water in the reservoir we built in the last step, and you should end up with a pool of entirely source blocks, no flowing water. Now, our pool has to be two blocks deep, so with some Glass Blocks, build up the machine one block taller leaving a two-block wide space on the right side as shown in the picture below. Place a Pressure Plate beside the glass on the block closest to the chests. I've used a Gold one for demonstration purposes, but this will change to stone after this step. Now place a temporary block, I’ve used Netherrack, beside the Pressure Plate, and then another on the back of that block. Place a Chain on the temporary block to fit it in between the Glass Block and the Pressure Plate. Go ahead and break that temporary block and place another one on top of the chain.

Once you have everything in place, You can now repeat that same L shape of water on the glass layer to get another layer of solid water blocks, except for the water that flows on top of the Hopper. Now, place a Wall on the side of the Temporary Block above the water, and another on the side of that, break the first Wall you placed until you have a Wall floating above your pool. This is the part where things get a little bit weird, so follow along attentively. Place a Boat as close to the side of the Temporary Block as you can, the side closest to the chests. Breaking this block should let the Boat fall on top of the chain, get in the Boat, and row it as close to the floating Wall as you possibly can before hopping out.


Now place a Temporary Block on top of your wall, and then another on the side of that block above your Boat, break the block above the wall. Place another Temporary Block on the side of the wall opposite the boat, and place another Boat on top of this block. Break your floating wall and row your new boat as close to the block in front of it as you can. Now, you may break the rest of your Temporary Blocks and allow the second Boat to fall onto the first one. Ideally, the back of your second Boat should be directly on top of the bubbles coming up from the Soul Sand below. And with that, the Fish Farm is complete, and should look like this!

Now, of course, an AFK fisherman is only as good as his rod, so I’m going to teach you exactly how to use your new farm, and It’s the easiest part by far.


You’re going to want to walk into the machine through the archway we constructed for ourselves. If this machine is outdoors, I'd recommend putting a door on it now so you can safely AFK in it without worrying about any unwanted visitors! Once inside, stand on the Wool Block beside the Soul Sand and cast your rod onto the block directly in front of your face, you should cast the rod and have it taken away by the bubble stream, once your bobber is securely under the boat above, position your cursor to the sign above the Iron Trapdoor and find a way to hold it down. Either a program, or you can rebind your mouse button to a key on your keyboard, and hold it down with a weight.


Now, you’re all set to AFK! Any loot you catch will be automatically sorted into your storage system beside you, and any XP you gain from fishing will be added to your Hotbar! The fishing rod you use will dictate the type of loot you get. Of course, I recommend Mending on any rod so it won’t break while you're away, but the rest is up to you. Lure will ensure you get lots and lots of fish, while Luck of the Sea will grant you more treasure items such as Enchanted Books and Items! If any part of the tutorial was difficult to follow, Ray Works was kind enough to provide a world download of this farm for you to check out first hand here! And that’s all I’ve got for you today, Happy fishing!

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