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The Allay Was Supposed to be a Part of the Nether Update!

Last updated April 30, 2022


The Minecraft wild update will be adding brand new biomes and the warden to the game. But, it also will be adding the winner of last year's mob vote, the angelic mob known as the allay! The mob vote for last year was intense, to say the least. All three mobs - the glare, copper golem, and the allay - would’ve been great additions to the game, but only one was going to be added. If it were up to most of us though, we would add all three of them!


Regardless, the Allay is now officially a part of Minecraft. We players are very keen on finding out everything about this mob. Although the allay has already been added to the game via snapshots, the update is nowhere near and the allay will undergo a lot of changes to balance its features in the game.


So to keep fans excited about the allay, the devs have revealed a bunch of information about the allay, everything that went into making the allay, and how it was created for the game; let’s find out!

A blue block minecraft wisp carrying a cookie.

The Wisp?

The Allay was never meant to be a part of the wild update. The devs had created it to be a part of the nether update back in 2020! Although we’re not quite sure how it would fit the theme of the nether with an acute and angelic voice. Perhaps it would have been found in the forest.


Apart from the origins of the allay, its actual name was not supposed to be allay. The original name was the WISP! It sounds similar to the vex that is similar to the allay.


The word wisp might be part of the term Will-o-wisp, a faint blue light that travelers see. Gamers may recognize wisps from games like Skyrim. Maybe the allay was supposed to be that as it also has a blue color.

Stylized graphic of Minecraft and a few characters, including the Allay. Winner! It displayed at the top.

Mob Vote

The allay won the mob voice, but not by a wide margin; the competition was really intense last year as all the mobs that the devs showed us were great. Especially the copper golem, which was unlike anything we’ve ever seen in Minecraft. The cool thing about these mobs was that they all were going to be pets for the player!


The Allay won because of how cute it looked when holding items. And you wouldn’t believe this, but the reason the allay has the pickup items functionality is that the devs thought it looked adorable when it held an item in its tiny little hands.

Original sketch art of the Allay. It is a blue box with blue wings at its sides.

Concept Art and Prototypes

The concept art of the allay is not far off from what we got in the end. It was much more blocky and didn’t have a distinct pair of wings or even limbs. 

4 different styles of the Allay, some purple, pink, blue, and yellow.

The devs wanted to make the allay carry items, but it would’ve been an overpowered mob in the game; just imagine you give your allay a stone block and it travels all the way back home and brings stacks of that block back to you. They added the not block functionality to the allay to make it a bit useful but not too overpowered.

Multiple Allay's playing and holding items.

Here are some images from the development of the allay; this just shows how much effort goes into making these mobs for the game. 

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