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Top 10 Confirmed Features from Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update That’ll Blow Your Mind!

Last updated February 28, 2022

The Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update was announced a while ago, and since then, the devs haven't released much info about the update. But at the Minecraft live event, we got to see a ton of exciting gameplay footage of what's to come in the Wild Update.


The Wild Update, as the name suggests, will be shedding some much-needed light on the existing biomes in the overworld of Minecraft. I’m talking about the birchwood forest, the taiga, the badlands, deserts, and many more biomes that haven’t been updated for years at this point.


The Minecraft devs had promised to update each biome one by one. But, that promise hadn’t seen any fruition until the announcement of this update. The devs grabbed the community's attention by displaying some fantastic concepts for the update and some fantastic in-game footage.


Our team at is very passionate about this sandbox game and decided to create a list that’ll depict our passion for this fantastic game. So here is the list of the top 10 features that you’ll be seeing in the 1.19 update!






The Warden is one of the most anticipated mobs in the history of Minecraft, even more than the ender dragon! The mob was supposed to be in the game by now. Actually, it should've been a part of the game 2 updates ago, but the devs were so intrigued with the potential of this mob that they kept delaying it.


The devs have worked super hard on this mob, and it shows. 


The warden is a blind mob who navigates in the deep dark cities using sculk blocks and has a fantastic sense of hearing. The mob literally emerges from the ground and triggers a new status effect called darkness. The footage of the Warden is enough to scare you, and we can’t wait to battle this beast in Minecraft, who is probably going to have 500 HP!



Deep dark cities

Next up, we have the place the Warden will most likely be living in. The deep dark cities are a brand new addition to the game. The developer, who goes by the name kingbdogz, intended the deep dark to be a simple cave.

But after a year of progress, the caves have become full-fledged cities with their own lore behind them. The cities are exciting and maybe tied into something bigger; we can only speculate about what the deep dark cities hold in them at the moment.

But one thing’s for sure, they guard something precious, as the Warden doesn't like trespassers in these cities!



Sculk Blocks

The Warden might be extremely scary, but the fact is that it's a blind mob. So no matter what you do, he can’t see you. But there’s a catch: it can hear you, and it also gets some help from these sculk blocks, which have made wireless Redstone possible in Minecraft.


Sculk blocks have various variants with their own use cases; we might get even more sculk blocks in the future. The exciting thing about these sculk blocks is that they can spread, which is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in Minecraft!



Mangrove swamps

Coming to wild stuff in the great update, we have the Mangrove Swamps. The Swamps were eventually going to get a revamp, which is here, it seems. The Swamp biome got a separate new mini-biome called the Mangrove swamps.

These swamps have a new type of tree in them called mangroves. These trees have big roots which you can literally go under. The Swamp is also full of life and ambiance as two new mobs have been added to make this biome better.



Frogs and Froglights

The Frog is one of the mobs added in the swamps. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen in Minecraft. They have three stages of growth, the eggs, tadpoles, and Frog itself. There are three different variants of these frogs.


Another exciting thing about these frogs is that they eat fireflies and magma cubes! And, not just that, when a frog eats a Magma Cube, it spits out a frog light which is a brand new light source that looks very fantasy-like.


When the frogs were added to the game in the bedrock beta, due to a bug, the Frogs were actually eating goats and the player as well!





Fireflies or frog food as many call them in the Minecraft community, are a first-of-a-kind mob. These mobs are added for one purpose only: to create an ambiance in the swamps, which only enhances the beauty of the biome at nighttime.

Not only that, there are some rumors about the fireflies being catchable. If this turns out to be accurate, then you’d be able to catch some fireflies in a bottle and use it as a light source. If this becomes a reality, we will be really excited to decorate with fireflies!




The winner of the mob vote, the happiest mob in Minecraft, the allay will also be added in the 1.19 Minecraft update. The allay is similar to a Vex in Minecraft, but it isn’t hostile and helps the players out in an adorable way.

If you give an allay any item, it will look for the items on the floor, and if it finds it, it’ll bring it back to you!



Mud block

A brand new block will be added in the swamps probably. The mud block is a new variation of the dirt block. When you wet a dirt block, it’ll turn into mud. Also, you can get clay from drying these blocks using dripstones. The mud blocks also add a new brick variant.

The color of these bricks is very different from what we have in Minecraft. Not only that, the mud bricks and the mud blocks blend in very nicely with the mangrove woodblocks.


New Birch Forests?

There is no in-game footage of the new birch forest, but the Minecraft devs showed some concept art for the new birch forests, and they just look amazing. The birch trees look taller, and have a lot more ambiance in the background. There also are mushrooms on the sides of tree trunks.

The devs want to update every biome in the overworld and combine these updates with the 1.18 mountain generation; the Minecraft overworld will look very different from what it is now.


Boats with chests!

Boats with chests will finally be added to Minecraft. This has been one of the most requested features on the Minecraft website. We’re happy that the devs actually listen to the community and deliver. The boat chests will be a handy tool, mainly when you have limited inventory in the early game.

Shulker boxes are great, but they are very hard to get, especially if you’re not a very good PvP player. This boat chest will allow you to transport many items in one single trip. There are a lot of possibilities with this boat; we can create river networks just like roads and paths and use them!

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jimothaniel 2 years ago

I can't wait for frogs! So many cool things coming this update!