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Top 10 features that might be coming to Minecraft in the 1.19 Wild Update!

Last updated February 28, 2022

The Caves and Cliffs Update has finally revamped the world generation of Minecraft. Now the world feels totally different, and according to the devs, this is just the start to revamp the entire overworld!

The next update will be the 1.19 Wild Update. It will focus on enhancing the beauty of the overworld by revamping the existing biomes, adding new blocks, new mobs, and more ambiance to the biomes. Overall, this update will focus on making the overworld one of the most beautiful places in the game.

And as we all known, Minecraft takes the playerbase’s ideas to heart and has given us a ton of features requested by players. So we decided to make a list of the top 10 features that are listed in the under-review section of Minecraft’s feedback page, so these are the front runner for getting added to the game. So let’s dive into them!

1. Seasons

At the moment, Minecraft doesn’t have seasons in it. The desert literally merges with the cold lands, which really breaks the game's immersion! The devs have fixed this inconsistency in the Caves and Cliffs Update, but adding seasons to the game will make it way better!

This may be implemented as different seasons in biomes, or perhaps by adding a clock to the game that will keep switching the season. Now I’m no game designer, so we’ll let the developers at Mojang decide how to implement seasons. And this might be a part of the Wild Update as it is one of the most upvoted ideas on the feedback page!

2. Magic Forests

Yes, the magical forests might be added in this update! Magical forests can add a whole new group of mobs, blocks, trees, and bosses to the game. The possibilities are just endless when you take such a great concept and try to implement it in the game.

Seeing how Minecraft already has enchanting and witches in it, having an entire biome where magical creatures roam isn’t that far-fetched. The Allay, a fairy-like mob, has already been confirmed to be coming in this update; why not make the magical forest it's home?

3. Cherry Blossom Forests

Cherry blossom trees are universally loved in the real world. These trees will add a lot of ambiance and serenity to the game. This can also be implemented as a part of the magical forest or the seasonal biomes. Regardless of how they make it to the game, these trees will surely be loved.

In fact, there already is a massive demand for these trees to be added to the game. First and foremost, it has a ton of votes and is under review, plus there are a lot of mods out there that add cherry blossom trees, and they are trendy!

4. Fog

Lady Agnus, one of the developers at Mojang, made it clear that the intention of the Wild Update is to enhance the natural beauty of the game by adding ambiance to it. It is already being implemented in the fireflies in the swamp biome.

So adding morning fog to the game isn’t such a bad idea. The mist can be a part of the seasonal biomes; colder places will have a lot of fog, and so will the mountain peaks that have already been added to the game. This feature only makes sense! We’ll just have to see what kind of performance impact this has on the game.

5. Fruit Trees and Bushes

We only have oak trees that sometimes drop apples, and the Azalea trees, which have some flowers on them. Apart from that, the game doesn't have fruit trees or even bushes, which will be a great addition to the ambiance and the scenery of the game.

The jungle biome in Minecraft is the only biome that looks full and feels like the real deal. Apart from that, all the other biomes are just simple and somewhat repetitive trees growing on the land. Adding bushes and occasional fruit trees will make adventuring in these forests a lot better more interesting and varied.

6. Ambient Sounds

Minecraft has music, but it isn’t ambient music. The game has no natural sounds whatsoever. We only hear a sound when some mob or you make some movement or break or place a block. This shouldn’t be the case; Minecraft has a lot of potential for ambient sounds.

Near the rivers, you should hear water flowing; in the swamps, you listen to frog sounds. On top of the highest peaks, you should hear to the wind blowing at high speeds! These wild sounds would add a lot of immersion to the game.

7. Owls

Minecraft needs a lot of birds in the game; the parrot alone isn't enough. We need more birds like the owl in the game. The owl can only be seen at night; it will be resting in the daytime. It can even hunt frogs at night, just like the frogs hunt down the fireflies!

Owls are also trendy amongst Minecraft players as there are tons of mods adding these birds to the game. Not only that, adding new birds and animals to the game should be a priority as it is being called the wild update! It’s the perfect opportunity.

8. Different Dog Species

While our feline friends in Minecraft enjoy a ton of different variants, the dogs, on the other hand, all look the same. The only distinction between dogs can be made by using different colored collars. There should be parity between the dogs and cats in the game.

New dog species should be added to the game, and these species will be different based on the different biomes they’re found in. This will only enhance the game as many players like to have pet dogs in the game.

9. Sandstorms

The desert in Minecraft is in dire need of new features; the deserts at the moment are simple piles of sand stretching through vast amounts of land. Deserts are meant to be dry, but many different features can be added without taking away the hostile nature of the desert.

First and foremost, sandstorms should be added. They will be a challenge players will have to overcome if venturing into the desert. New mobs and structures should be added as well, as desert temples feel few and far between. The sandstorm feature is under review and has received quite a lot of votes.

10. Revamped Naturally Generated Structures

Everyone has looted the desert temple, the jungle temple, and the woodland mansion. There is nothing new in these structures. Everything is pre-determined, and every structure has puzzles that seasoned Minecraft players know how to solve. Plus, these structures are old and don’t look that good in the game these days.

Maybe this is the update that changes this for good. Naturally generated structures tell a story in Minecraft, and the devs can go crazy with this idea. In the recent updates, we’ve seen many new random structures being added, like the shipwrecks, pillager outposts, and the nether portals.

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Eagerly waiting for owls and dog species.