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Top 5 Best Minecraft Bedwars Servers!

Last updated February 13, 2023

Bedwars is a beloved mini-game in Minecraft; its stature is almost legendary at this point and the game has been a big part of the Minecraft community for as long as I can remember. Many early Minecraft YouTubers have played the game, setting the stage for the Minecraft YouTube community that there is right now.


If you’re a person who is trying to get into this exciting mini-game, you’ve landed on the correct guide. We have shortlisted 5 of the best Minecraft servers out there that have the bedwars mini-game. All of these servers provide the best quality bedwars experience to the players that log in.


All these servers also offer different games to their community, so if you ever feel bored, you can also hop on to other games. The maps they have for bedwars are also top-notch and offer variations in them.


So with that out of the way, let’s get into it!


Picture of a minecraft character playing bedwars.

Mineland Network

Mineland network is one of the best bedwars servers out there. You’ll see in almost every other bedwars list that their bedwars min-game is really popular. The community also is excellent; you’ll always find players to play within any type of bedwars fixture you want, like solos, duos, etc.


You can connect to the server by using this IP -


Minecraft character on a bed wars bridge with a wooden sword. 

The herobrine server is prevalent; they have chosen one of the most mythical Minecraft characters to be their mascot!


The server always has a significant influx of players who keep visiting different games the server has to offer. One of the best games on the server is actually bedwars; many players visit the server for these reasons alone. You'll find a variety of maps and modes to choose from.


Overall it is a great server, and you can visit it by using the IP -


Hot air balloons made in Minecraft.


Hypixel is undoubtedly one of the best Minecraft servers of all time; it has been around since the dawn of Multiplayer Minecraft and has been consistently churning out great minigames, of which bedwars is one. Bedwars on Hypixel is as good as it gets; they offer great maps to play on, the server never lags, the players are great, and it’s just a great place to be if you want to play bedwars.


I don’t think I need to give any more explanation for why Hypixel is on this list; they’re too good. In fact, they’re so good that they’re making a game like Minecraft called Hytale!


You can get to this server by using the IP -


The blockdrop network logo. Three characters, one building a brick wall while the other two duel.

BlockDrop Network

The blockdrop network is once again a great place to play bedwars. Although it has many different games to play, bedwars seems to be one of the most popular ones to try out. The server is well maintained and doesn’t tolerate mischief from hackers, so you know you’re always against average players and not those pesky hackers.


So if you’re craving a good match of bedwars, blockdrop network should be one of your choices. Go to the server by using the IP -  superepicgaming. club


Minecraft player playing bedwars, standing on a green bridge.

Sky Kingdoms

And the last server we have on our list is Kyu kingdoms, which, just like every other server on the list a great option if you want to play some action-packed bedwars games. Apart from the normal bedwars mini-game, the server also has a range of mini-games that every good server should have in 2022.


You can go to the server by using the IP -

If you’re looking for more bedwars servers, check out our server lists! We have a list of servers that feature the bedwars gamemode, and they’re guaranteed to be great options for your gameplay.


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