Top 5 Best Minecraft Resource Packs That Will Completely Change Your World! Featured Image

Top 5 Best Minecraft Resource Packs That Will Completely Change Your World!

Last updated May 16, 2022

Resource packs in Minecraft can completely overhaul the look and feel of the game. We have to give props to the Minecraft community for creating such great additions for the vanilla game. Most of the resource packs out there are so unique that you’ll feel like you’re in a totally different game.


We’ve looked around the internet and tried out a lot of resource packs to make this list. It turns out there are a lot of different styles of resource packs out there, so we will be having a resource pack of every style so that everyone can enjoy this list. Some resource packs on this list simply add more animation to the game, while some change the look and feel of the game entirely.

A picture of an alternative texture pack, featuring an iron golem, pillager, ghast, and other mobs and items.

Fresh Animations

If you’ve ever stepped out of your house and ventured into the real world, you’ll know that mobs (sorry - “animals”) in the real world are not blocky, and move smoothly; unlike the mobs in Minecraft. We all agree that the mobs in Minecraft can be so much more. For example, the derpy-looking sheep can really use some more animations. And Fresh Animations does just that, Adding a ton of animation to the game to liven up the world for you and make it feel more natural. 

A beautiful Minecraft forest landscape in another texture pack.

A Little Taste of Jerm

A little taste of jerm is for those Minecraft players that would like to add some spice to their worlds. Don’t get me wrong, the default Minecraft textures are great; they are iconic. But after you play for a while, it gets boring. This resource pack adds a lot of subtle changes to the game, like textures that connect and don’t feel like blocks. The general aim of the resource pack is to improve the vanilla textures without straying away too far from them.

A medieval looking Minecraft house.


Dokucraft is a resource pack that I instantly fell in love with; it completely revamps the texture style of the vanilla game but somehow still looks like something that could be a part of vanilla Minecraft. The resource pack is trendy, and many players use it in their playthrough when they are craving an almost medieval-like theme. The resource pack will indeed breathe fresh air for long-time vanilla players!

A beautiful Minecraft house next to the water with a smoother texture pack.


PureBDcraft is a personal favorite of mine, and it totally changes the look and feel of the vanilla game. If you’re a Minecraft fan, you might’ve heard about a game called Hytale. this resource pack resembles Hytale; many even believe that Hytale took inspiration from this resource pack for their textures.


The resource pack looks like vanilla Minecraft textures but if in an alternate universe. Everything is brighter and looks a little more comic-like, and I mean that in a good way. You need to try this one out.

Hyper-realistic looking Minecraft tree.


The last resource pack we have on this list is Pulchra, which is one realistic resource pack you keep seeing in Minecraft RTX enable videos. This resource pack is extremely detailed, and I can’t put more emphasis on the detailed part; it is very, very clean to look at. The blocks feel like they are a part of the natural world, and if you have good shaders on them, you’ll feel like you're in your own house; that’s how realistic it looks, although I doubt that your house is made from dirt.

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