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Top 5 Ideas to Make Your Minecraft Server More Engaging!

Last updated February 28, 2022


Maintaining a Minecraft server is hard, but when you have to be the best in your space, it becomes even more challenging. Getting a lot of players on your server is no easy feat; you have to make the most out of the resources you have so that you have a steady stream of new players.


There are many ways in which you can make your server stand out from the rest. These can be complex or outright simple; everything depends upon the person's will and execution. This blog post will share the 5 best tips that you can use to propel your server to new heights. But get ready to take the initiative if you want to succeed.


Five Minecraft swords labeled Glowstone Sword, Obsidian Sword, Bone Sword, Lapislazuli Sword, and Ice Sword

In-game rewards


Having in-game rewards isn’t a new idea; in fact, we can trace back its origins to the earliest Minecraft servers. But it once again depends upon the execution of the server moderator. While it’s no longer allowed to give out items in a “pay-to-win” fashion, you can give out awesome cosmetics.


But if you go the extra mile to create a custom item with custom textures, then you have something up your sleeve. Item skins is just a start; you can go crazy with customs items in the game, but remember to make them scarce. Scarcity is what drives hype!


Three Minecraft characters named Notch, Quatroking, and C418. Chat from Quatroking says "c418, stand in front of me".

Referral systems


Referral systems have been implemented by many businesses in the start-up space; they are one of the first advertising ideas they come up with. Why not borrow it and use it to get your server players excited about your server?


Referral programs offer an incentive for current users to invite their friends or followers into the community. They just have to bring a new member to your server. It increases the traffic on your server, the player is happy, the new player is comfortable, and you get more players who won’t be leaving anytime soon. People tend to trust the opinions of their friends, so a referral can be very effective.


A large Minecraft build suspended in the air


Monthly competitions


Have you ever been to a concert or party with a boring DJ? No one likes that! Now compare that to a party where the DJ is energetic, hypes people up, and everyone is having a good time. There is a stark difference in Minecraft servers that are just there to let players play and servers where the moderator takes initiative. 


This initiative can be taken easily; just run some competitions on your server, monthly or weekly. However many you’re able to do. This lets players get involved in the community and get some bragging rights or in-game prizes.


A large Minecraft build. An octagon shaped building with a red roof.


High-quality gameplay


It doesn’t matter if you have the craziest competitions on the internet; it doesn't matter if your advertising is the best. If your gameplay is lacking, no one will want to stay on your server.


This can be quickly taken care of by using high quality plugins; most of the servers out there opt for cheap plugins, hindering their player's gameplay quality. No one likes a crappy game; make sure you provide the best experience possible! Once your community is big enough, you can run frequent polls to see what sorts of plugins the players want to use.


Pixelated TikTok logo.

Online presence


Having an online presence is essential nowadays. It gives your server members a sense of belonging that they are a part of this exclusive group that is now blowing up on social media sites. 


Your social media accounts should be just like your server; engaging and fun to be at. Interact with your community, organize meets, competitions, fan arts, make them feel welcome on your server. This is a great way of taking the server beyond just Minecraft, keeping players engaged even if they’re not playing. It can also help grow your server if someone discovers your social media content!

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