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What is the 2b2t Server, and How Do I Join It?

Last updated March 20, 2023


It might seem like Minecraft is a fun, peaceful game on the surface; even bosses aren't as challenging as some modern games. Despite what you might think, Minecraft is far from what it seems. Like other multiplayer games, Minecraft also has a dark underbelly inhabited by griefers and hackers.

2b2t is the only place where all these players are concentrated on a single server. It is baffling to see how crazy the 2b2t server is. Many in the Minecraft community know what it is. Still, if you aren’t in touch with the community as much, it is a possibility that you’ve never heard of 2B2T.

So for players like you, we decided to jot down a blog post that tells you what 2B2T is and highlights some of its key features that will entice you to join the server.

What is 2B2T

Simply put, 2B2T is an anarchy server where nothing is off limits, there are no rules, and you can do whatever you want, even hack!

It is advised that you hack as if you don’t. Someone else will, and you’ll be dead meat in a second. Because of this, hackling has become synonymous with 2B2T players, and let me tell you this; you don’t have a good time going toe to toe against these hackers; they can see you from far, use item duplicators to get unlimited golden apples and totems, and worst of all, they use end crystals to fight!

So if you’re someone like me who isn’t very good at PvP, you’ll die in a second. And I mean that literally. When you spawn on the server, you’ll be greeted by campers who camp at the spawn point, waiting for players like you to show up, players who have no armor, weapons, and food, and they just kill you for no reason.

And that’s considering you get on the server. There are thousands of players around the globe that are trying to enter the server at the same time, so get ready to wait for a long time trying to connect, sometimes even hours, and donors get to skip the queue.

But once you get the hang of it, 2b2t is not such a bad place. Players have built significant bases on the server, bases so massive that griefers just give up trying to destroy them. T also has a rich history and factions you can join, so yeah, it's not all bad.

How to join 2b2t?

Joining 2B2T is as easy as joining any other server; you just need the IP, 2b2t.org, and the port is 25565.

But as mentioned earlier, you’ll have to wait for long periods to join the server, and when you join, campers kill you, so what should you do to get some essential equipment in the game?

The first thing you need to do is get a hacked client, this will allow you to spawn on the server instantly after you die, or you’ll have to spend hours trying to rejoin after dying, which is going to happen a lot.

Next up, switch off the chat because you will be bombarded with slurs and advertisements. 

Never trust any player on the server and run as fast as possible when you spawn; this is the only way you can survive.

Reach a secluded space, cut a tree, make a crafting table, get enough wood for torches, dig underground, and don’t return until you have full diamond armor. 

Or you can skip this part and ask one of your friends to give you a starter kit if you have a friend on the server.

Surviving 2B2T is not easy, but that’s what attracts players to it; if it were easy, 2B2T wouldn’t be so popular, so if you manage to survive even a day, Kudos!  

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