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Version 1.7.1 to 1.19.2
Game Modes survival pvp economy raiding hardcore
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Bellscord Minecraft's Screenshot
Bellscord Minecraft's Screenshot

About Bellscord Minecraft

A Survival gameplay in an immersive world of possibilities with access to shops using an extensive economy system as well as a land claiming system to help protect yourself and your base. (Online and Offline users are able using the authenticator). This server is loaded with tons of features! You can also stay on the discord while seeing everything happen in the dedicated Minecraft Channels Live! The discord server has access to the Auction House, Game Chat, Server Information and you can even view players live using the Dynamic Live map (link can be found on the discord channel).

Staff members have access to the game via a private Discord Channel and the game features alot of protection to be autonomous so that people can enjoy the game. We are also recruiting for the Discord and Minecraft server, so be sure to visit our Discord Server for more information!

Voting gives you AMAZING rewards! And this will run for a limited time, so be sure that once you login, start voting using /vote.

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