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SanctuaryMC 1.19 (Released Recently!) Server Banner
SanctuaryMC 1.19 (Released Recently!) Server Icon
SanctuaryMC 1.19 (Released Recently!)
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Updated 27 minutes ago
Version 1.8 to 1.19
Game Modes survival smp social claiming
SanctuaryMC 1.19 (Released Recently!)'s Screenshot
SanctuaryMC 1.19 (Released Recently!)'s Screenshot
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About SanctuaryMC 1.19 (Released Recently!)


Welcome to Sanctuary, an awesome Furry server made up of the best and brightest developers and staff members from the Minecraft community.


We strive to provide an excellent Vanilla+ experience for our community.

- Claims + Block logging

- Homes, Teleporting, and Warps

- A view distance of 16, with no lag, ever!

- Vote Rewards

- Tweaked Ender Dragon drops

- Weekly Events

- + Lots More, come check it out!

LGBTQ+ and Furry friendly

- Personality roles, express yourself!

- Pronouns + Identity roles, show us how you see yourself!

- Ping roles, don't ever get pings you don't want!

- With tons of cool emojis, stickers, and channels, you'll always have something to do!

- We're also part of the Assembly Network, so you can check out our partnered servers!

Final words:

SanctuaryMC is a passion project designed by a developer and his friends. The minecraft server was designed to provide a fun place to hang out with yours, while maintaing that enterprise-server level quality, without sacrificing community or friendship. 

We hope you enjoy the server, as much as we do.

Survival, SMP, LGBT, LGBTQ, Fun, Claims, 1.19, 1.18, Wild Update, Sculk, Warden, 1.18.2, 1.19.1, Deep Dark, Claiming, Modded, Mods, Mod, Furry, Furries

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12 votes
Updated 15 minutes ago
platinumwolfpaw 7
wafflesmanlilo 1
nickblackthorne 1
dmitry_the_bunny 1
koma_xvx 1
endstick 1

Recent Server Reviews

CryoQuisho's Profile Picture
CryoQuisho10 months ago

Hmm yes this server is made of server

Reply from SanctuaryMC 1.19 (Released Recently!)10 months ago

Yes am server.

Dr_HaggieWaggie's Profile Picture
Dr_HaggieWaggie11 months ago

very fun server with a bunch of really awsome people. we have toasters and food here. (im apart of that food catigory)

Reply from SanctuaryMC 1.19 (Released Recently!)11 months ago

Does the toast come with jelly?

jimothaniel's Profile Picture
jimothaniel11 months ago

Cool server!

Reply from SanctuaryMC 1.19 (Released Recently!)11 months ago

Thank you! Your review means a lot :D.

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