Fur City 1.20.1 [Furry]

5 stars based on 9 reviews

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CryoQuisho's Profile Picture
CryoQuisho1 year ago

Hmm yes this server is made of server

Reply from Fur City 1.20.1 [Furry]1 year ago

Yes am server.

Dr_HaggieWaggie's Profile Picture
Dr_HaggieWaggie1 year ago

very fun server with a bunch of really awsome people. we have toasters and food here. (im apart of that food catigory)

Reply from Fur City 1.20.1 [Furry]1 year ago

Does the toast come with jelly?

jimothaniel's Profile Picture
jimothaniel1 year ago

Cool server!

Reply from Fur City 1.20.1 [Furry]1 year ago

Thank you! Your review means a lot :D.

Shiftedensity's Profile Picture
Shiftedensity1 year ago

Good pepole ingnb thef sefver vfry grataet!!1!

Reply from Fur City 1.20.1 [Furry]1 year ago

Connection terminated. I'm sorry to interrupt you Elizabeth, if you still even remember that name, but I'm afraid you've been misinformed

ToastyGen_'s Profile Picture
ToastyGen_1 year ago

Very server yes

Reply from Fur City 1.20.1 [Furry]1 year ago

Wiser words have never been spoken.

Bubbik's Profile Picture
Bubbik1 year ago

I like this server. It's very family-friendly server with nice people to talk with. I would just recommand it. Also Admin/Owner is doing really great job with this, adding new things, fixes etc. Keep it goin' :3

Reply from Fur City 1.20.1 [Furry]1 year ago

Thanks Bubbik! We're happy you enjoy the server as much as we do :D

Cytometry's Profile Picture
Cytometry1 year ago

To put it simply, this server is well-made, well-managed, and remarkably pleasant to be part of! The unprecedented manner of kindness you're shown while playing here is almost overwhelming (in a good way.) Oh, also, the sheer quantity in which melons occur is mind-blowing. Plenty of melons, for sure. But there is one thing you must, MUST remember: praise flumbo. <3

Reply from Fur City 1.20.1 [Furry]1 year ago

Aww, it means a lot, we're happy to have you as well Cyto!

Acestriker's Profile Picture
Acestriker1 year ago

Great server with active development and moderation. Content is added constantly, while keeping close to the vanilla experience. Community is positive and supportive, with many active players making impressive builds. Overall an amazing server, 10/10.

Reply from Fur City 1.20.1 [Furry]1 year ago

We do our best! Thank you for your feedback!

Cidel_'s Profile Picture
Cidel_1 year ago

Well kept server run by an experienced developer with frequent updates and new content to enjoy while trying to maintain a wholesome vanilla experience. Great and fun server overall. (: Would reccommend.

Reply from Fur City 1.20.1 [Furry]1 year ago

Thank you, it means a lot!