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Version 1.18.1
Game Modes survival smp zombies
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About Character-SMP

We are a Small building server that been active for almost a whole YEAR, we been a "get invited to" type server but now no longer. We are opening up our gates to everyone! Come and build and know that safty in your builds and items are TOP priority.


We have safe guards in play to make sure everything runs as smooth and possible,
-World RollBacks
-World Logging
-Inventory Logging
-XRAY prevention

and a bunch more Quality of life Changes,
-Better Sleep
-TPA, homes, and warps
- /back commands

Even have a DISCORD Nitro Boost bouns,
If boosting the server you get a Cyan Name, Discord Role and ICON
and access to have 3 Homes

We also have a SCREENING proccess to the server, to make sure Trolls stay out of our Server

Also if you want to Host any events we do an an ARENA to host fights in and have a stage right infront of spawn.

We also have a side game, ZOMBIES,
The classic COD-Zombies gameplay loop been added to the server with unique maps and an ungoing RECREATION of a Classic Zombies maps.

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