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Version 1.18.2
Game Modes factions creative
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About ChubbyCraft

Hungry for fun? Feed that craving and join us on ChubbyCraft! We currently offer two exciting game-modes, Creative and Factions! Our Creative server offers players 100x100 plots giving you plenty of room to build! You can build by hand or by unlocking worldedit, we won't judge! So many features and surprises, ChubbyCraft creative server is the place to build your dream world today! However, if you're in search for BLOOD then our Faction server will give you the PVP thrill you seek! We offer a death to raid system, meaning if you're skilled enough you could down any Faction you choose to! Train your skills and become the best with the unique skill system we offer and be sure to keep an eye out throughout the world for accompanied seasons that take the game to a whole other level! Come show the world who you are today! No matter what server you choose to play, there are plenty of things to do and experiences to be made. So what are you waiting for? Bring your friends and family and join ChubbyCraft today!

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