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Version 1.19.2
Game Modes survival smp roleplay pvp pve
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About Dashworld

Hello Folks! Are you tired of the same old world building servers? Exasperated by the corruption of those in charge? Plagued by faction players and lack of RP? Or maybe the fatigue of modded worlds has you down. Well friend, I’ve got just the thing for you!

Welcome to the Dashworld Worldbuilding Server! Where what you make matters.
We’ve hand picked only the finest, most luxurious plugins to make YOUR experience just dandy! You can make a fine ale, or perhaps a mead, with Brewery! Worried about theft? Protect your items with chest locks! Looking to sell or purchase some fine goods? Our chest shop plugin is suited to fulfill your needs! Harness the might of industry with Slimefun or participate in epic battles with Muskets, Cavalry & Cannons!

Your freedoms don’t end there! Want to claim territory without having to pay for it? Fantastic! With free claim systems, you are free to build and grow wherever you please as long as you have the residents.

Players will be encouraged to form their own governments, religions and currencies! Want to build a sprawling underground megalopolis? Go ahead! Want to worship the effigy of a giant penguin? That’s fine too! Want to base your entire national currency on pumpkin pie? We don’t care! Do it! The possibilities are all at your fingertips…if you have any!

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