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Version 1.18.2
Game Modes economy survival mcmmo
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About Dhomburcraft

Dhomburcraft Survival SMP

The Dhomburcraft server is a completly revamped survival SMP, with plugins many of you have come to enjoy suck as, mcMMO, Lockette, GreifPrevention, Jobs, PlayerVaults, Vault, Essentials, are just a few. along with custom advancements our server has over 1,000 custom advancements and growing to keep everything fresh and you and your freinds coming back!
Our server owner has been playing Minecraft since 2012 and has had experiance in running muliplayer servers for over 8 years all the way back to the very popular "Minestone Network" and later "Eclipsecraft" and he is back in full force with Dhomburcraft! Bringing his full knolage to create a great survival experiance for you and your friends

"This server is amazing, I would play it all day long and the lag has gone down so much sense the fixes." ~ JoshuaTheBestGuy
"I love this Minecraft server, it is the frist one I joined and the other beta testers have taught me a lot of cool stuff about the game and building. Wild is really good at fixing the server and it has no lag anymore that makes it really fun to play on!" ~ Reaper
"Baboon" ~ George

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