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Version 1.19.2
Game Modes anarchy pvp java bedrock pve

About Goldcrest Anarchy

☀️ Goldcrest Anarchy ☀️

1.19.2 Java Crossplay Server!


🏄‍♂️ | {Semi-Vanilla} {Java and Bedrock}

🏘️ | No Homes/TPA

🚫 | No Rules

🛠️ | Active Staff

⚔️ | Pvp/PvE

💎 | Small Player base

Join discord for more info!


Welcome to the Goldcrest Network! Explore and dominate a brand new world with no limits. The goal of this server is to provide an environment for everyone to enjoy, free to do anything they want. Forge friendships, build bases, conquer spawn. The choice is yours!

The server has just updated to 1.19.2, join today to enjoy all the latest updates!

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