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Hexa Network

5 stars based on 6 reviews

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Wls_toss's Profile Picture
Wls_toss6 months ago

Nice server. A lot of player to play with You have 2 game mode: - Competitive: you play a civilisation and try to gain enough victory points to win the phase before the others. Once a winner happens, the mode stop and restarts shortly after. (While you can play alone, it is more fun with others, so don't hesitate to join other members or come with friends) - Casual: you build your civ in a peaceful world

Blackheart510's Profile Picture
Blackheart5108 months ago

Game modes are extremely fun!

SwifterGames's Profile Picture
SwifterGames11 months ago


mysticalmeme's Profile Picture
mysticalmeme1 year ago

I really like their game modes!

SADutchman's Profile Picture
SADutchman1 year ago

Fun server with unique gamemodes :)

jimothaniel's Profile Picture
jimothaniel1 year ago

Great server and community!

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