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Version 1.19 to 1.19.4
Game Modes skyblock minigames smp rpg kitpvp
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About Lands Of Minearchy

Hello everyone!

We are Lands of Minearchy, a Minecraft server network that has been in the works for the past 8 years.

We currently have: RPG, Minigames, SMP, KitPVP, Labyrinth, Hub.

With a custom built maps, custom mobs, items, classes, skills, and quests there is so much to explore within the server!

On the Minigames server you can play fun games like TNT Tag, Prophunt, Temple Run, Mini Walls, Splegg, Bomb Lobbers, Quake, TNT Run, Block Party, Party Games (multiple minigames in 1) and more!

Labyrinth is an adventure gamemode. You spawn in a maze and have to explore, fight and loot your way through it. Along the way you can find many bosses, mini-bosses, puzzles and a main story.
It has multiple levels so you can keep playing once you beat the 1st levels.
Keep an eye out for Candlemakers. These mysterious being patrol the walls and will attack anyone that comes in their way!

We also have a SMP server. It has griefprotection and a wilderness tp portal at spawn.
Also a Nether and End portal are to be found somewhere in the Safezone.
A worldborder of 100k blocks is setup. You can also trade or auction items with others players.
Make Chestshops, Playerwarps and many other features!

In KitPVP you pick a kit to fight with others.
There are 5 arenas to pick from any many fun and unique kits.
Each kit has it's own unique abilities and fighting styles. In combination with the Class system you can have a lot of fun in combat.

Our Hub has a lot of useful features. You should find most of our features displayed here.
As well as some small fun minigames you can explore an amazing map.

Our RPG server is currently closed for a major re-work to the story and map.

The server is still in Beta, however we are officially open to the public and have a lot of awesome content already! Join our small but growing community.

To stay up to date with our endeavors feel free to visit our website, our subreddit r/LandsOfMinearchy or our discord which can be joined via this link We hope to see you soon!

Check out this interactive version of our RPG map:

-The LandsOfMinearchy Team

RPG Dynmap:
IP java:
IP bedrock:


Player Contributions

Frequently Asked Questions to Get you Started

What is the IP Address to connect and join the Lands Of Minearchy Minecraft server?

To connect to the Lands Of Minearchy Minecraft server in June 2023, use the IP "". Simply, copy the ip address here, or click the Minecraft IP or domain at the top of this page.

What versions of Minecraft does the Lands Of Minearchy Minecraft server support?

The Lands Of Minearchy Minecraft server is compatible with Minecraft version 1.19 to Minecraft version 1.19.4.

How can I help support Lands Of Minearchy ?

If you want to support the Lands Of Minearchy Minecraft server, you can help by voting on them every 24 hours, contributing blocks you earn around the site, and just playing on Lands Of Minearchy 's Minecraft server. Don't forget to tell friends too!

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