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Lands Of Minearchy
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Version 1.18.2
Game Modes skyblock minigames

About Lands Of Minearchy

Hello everyone!

We are Lands of Minearchy, a Minecraft server network that has been in the works for the past 2 years.

We currently have: RPG, Skyblock, Minigames, Hub

With a custom built map, custom mobs, items, classes, skills, mines and quests there is so much to explore within the RPG server!

We also have a skyblock server. Here you can build your own house and crafting stations for example. Inventories sync with RPG.

You can upgrade your island and do missions to earn points. Also a shop is included where you can buy food and other items.

On the Minigames server you can play fun games like, TNT Tag, Prophunt, Temple Run, Mini Walls, Splegg, Bomb Lobbers, Quake, TNT Run, Block Party, Party Games (multiple minigames in 1) and more!

The server is still in the works, however we are officially open to the public and have a lot of awesome content already!

To stay up to date with our endeavors feel free to visit out website, our subreddit r/LandsOfMinearchy or our discord which can be joined via this link We hope to see you soon!

Check out this interactive version of our RPG map:

-The LandsOfMinearchy Team

RPG Dynmap:
IP java:
IP bedrock:

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Blackheart5104 days ago

Good server to join for a chill experience,

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