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Version 1.13 to 1.20.2
Game Modes factions roleplay creative pvp parkour
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About MassiveCraft

We're MassiveCraft, a decade old Minecraft server and developer of the popular and well-known Factions plugin. We've recently updated to 1.19 and are continuing to release new content every week! Come check us out!

Roleplay: Aloria is MassiveCraft’s high fantasy setting. The City of Regalia is sprawling and contains the Regalian Empire’s brightest minds and lowest criminals. You can join guard charters, criminal gangs, noble families, businesses and more, all depending on how you wish to play your character!

Factions & Kingdoms: MassiveCraft hosts the original Factions plug-in made by Cayarion. The latest Factions expansion, Kingdoms, allows players to engage in large scale wars against other Kingdoms, and take part in normal faction activities like PvP, tournaments, and raids!

Questing: MassiveCraft’s RPG experience takes place in Silverwind, a colony in Essalonia. Complete quests from NPCs that lead you all around the island, fight custom mobs, solve puzzles, and become the Hero of Silverwind! Will you wrest control from the pirates keeping order, or surrender Silverwind to the world’s largest global power—the Regalian Empire!

Minigames: Whether you’re completely new to PVP on MassiveCraft, or are a veteran with hundreds of hours spent fighting across long-forgotten worlds, the range of arena gamemodes presents a new challenge for everyone to learn, adapt and conquer alongside new friends, allies and enemies. There are five maps currently available to play using /minigames including Siege, Nether Waste, New Crookback, Castles and Pyramid. 

Events: MassiveCraft holds many events throughout the year such as PvE progressions, Quests, PvP tournaments and minigames. Our staff team works hard to make the server fun for each group of players and what they enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions to Get you Started

What is the IP Address to connect and join the MassiveCraft Minecraft server?

To connect to the MassiveCraft Minecraft server in February 2024, use the IP "". Simply, copy the ip address here, or click the Minecraft IP or domain at the top of this page.

What versions of Minecraft does the MassiveCraft Minecraft server support?

The MassiveCraft Minecraft server is compatible with Minecraft version 1.13 to Minecraft version 1.20.2.

How can I help support MassiveCraft?

If you want to support the MassiveCraft Minecraft server, you can help by voting on them every 24 hours, contributing blocks you earn around the site, and just playing on MassiveCraft's Minecraft server. Don't forget to tell friends too!

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