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Version 1.18.1
Game Modes survival smp
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Motsuc SMP's Screenshot
Motsuc SMP's Screenshot

About Motsuc SMP

Motsuc SMP Server
Server Address: (Comment or DM me Player name & User ID for whitelist)
This Server Was Created off my Youtube Channel Series "Under The Sea" where the world we build in is all created well you guessed it Under The Sea! full Survival server Rules, Games and Story will be updated along the way!.
We need:
- Creative minds to help build our empire
- Redstone Builders
- Designers and Architects
- Miners and Harvesters
- Farmers
- and many more!
- people to help moderate the discord server
More information will be coming soon!
Reddit: r/PostMineCraftVideos u/BTLCustom r/MotsucSMP

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