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Updated 4 minutes ago
Version 1.8.8 to 1.18.2
Game Modes towny survival skyblock kitpvp factions
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About Papyrus Network | Need Staff

Papyrus network is a server that launched in 2020 but shutdown due to funds, We have decided to Re jumpstart With a new brand and logo As such we are looking for as sorts of players to come and help us along this Journey Our core gamemodes are: Towny Survival Factions Kitpvp (Soup) Arena : Our 1v1 elo Gamemode climb the scoreboards for a chance to be top 1 Non-P2W: All items donors get can be grinded for as a normal user, Just takes more time Great Management: Our team has serveral years of managing a Community as such we are calm and collected Our Server locations are Hosted in Canada on a very powerful Dedicated server with 10gbps internet IP: Join the Discord :

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