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Version 1.19.1 to 1.19.2
Game Modes survival buildbattle pvp
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About phoenix

Phoenix is a SMP for Minecraft Bedrock edition! We're a small, community focused server looking for new members!

Our server features extensive lore, an ongoing storyline, a fandom wiki with 100+ pages, and frequent events to support the worldbuilding aspect of the server! Join one of our three clans depending on your character's motives and beliefs. Participation in roleplay is entirely optional, we are very much a normal SMP outside of it.

Our community covers a wide range of people and interests! You're sure to find people to fit in with here. Although our member count may be intimidating, we're still a fairly small server that's easy to get into.

We have frequent events such as building contests, art/photography contests, pvp battles, lore events, wars, chess, and more! Staff work tirelessly to bring quality to your experience.

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