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Updated 14 minutes ago
Version 1.18.2
Game Modes survival roleplay java bedrock

About The Dragon Army survival/event server

Welcome civilians to The Dragon Army(minecraft+discord roleplay + proximity chat).

The dragon army minecraft server is a server for everyone. We are an lgbt+ friendly server.
The server has two phases, survival and event mode. During survival mode, players are allowed to just play vanilla minecraft, however during event mode. The 'Queen' of the server, or any of the current nobles/regents hosts events to allow players a chance to prove their worth in their regiment or as a chance to become a knight.

Unlike most servers which keep the roleplay to the minecraft server solely, The Dragon Army uses discord as well for roleplaying, allowing regiments to plan their own events and challenges while also allowing members to take their roleplay and dragon friends to other games as well. The Dragon Army isn't just a minecraft server, it is a community.

That is why we want you.

P.S. Server has proximity chat and bedrock-java compatibility(bedrock players can't use proximity voice chat unfortunately), it is also on the latest version 1.18.2 however events might switch versions.
Oh and the survival server just launched today so not much has been set up there yet.

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