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The Lost Kingdom [Custom Factions] [MCMMO] [Economy]
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Version 1.19
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The Lost Kingdom [Custom Factions] [MCMMO] [Economy]'s Screenshot
The Lost Kingdom [Custom Factions] [MCMMO] [Economy]'s Screenshot
The Lost Kingdom [Custom Factions] [MCMMO] [Economy]'s Screenshot

About The Lost Kingdom [Custom Factions] [MCMMO] [Economy]

Subjugate your people, claim taxes, make money, crush your opponents, steal their land, raid their coffers, and rule the land in The Lost Kingdom.

We are currently looking for YouTubers and Streamers. Please apply at your earliest convenience.


Wars (steal land)
Playtime rewards
Grief Prevention
Raiding/griefing allowed

Here's a quick-start guide:

The world is small. This encourages player interaction. Eventually, the world will become full, in which case the border will be expanded or the world will be reset.

Type /wild to be teleported to a random place in the map.
Type /jobs browse to see all available jobs. Right click on a job to select it. You will now earn money for completing your job's actions.
Type /lands create <name> to create your land. You must have enough money to do this and you need to be standing in a claimable chunk.
Place your campsite down to claim one chunk for 24 hours - this is so you can survive against bigger lands and nations when you're a newbie.

Your lands are protected from all forms of griefing from other players. However, you will need to pay an upkeep to the server to prevent your claimed lands from being taken away from you. You can invite players to be members of your land(s), make players trusted, meaning they have permission to build on your land, or you can rent your lands to other players.

Trusted players must pay taxes to you for the privilege of being able to use your lands. You can set taxes in the lands menu.

This should give you enough information to get started. If you are confused by anything, you can always type /help, /cmi help, or /lands help for information about our biggest plugins. If you see a member of staff is online, send them a message and they will help you out.


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