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Updated 13 minutes ago
Version 1.18.2 to 1.20.2
Game Modes pvp faction prison
☢The Nuclear Box☢'s Screenshot
☢The Nuclear Box☢'s Screenshot
☢The Nuclear Box☢'s Screenshot

About ☢The Nuclear Box☢

The Nuclear Box is a BoxPvp server that aims to make minecraft fun again with your friends! U can PVP in the varius zones (like NoEscape Room or QD) or u can grind gears to become more powerfull! We wait u here!

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Frequently Asked Questions to Get you Started

What is the IP Address to connect and join the ☢The Nuclear Box☢ Minecraft server?

To connect to the ☢The Nuclear Box☢ Minecraft server in December 2023, use the IP "thenuclearbox.aternos.me:60907". Simply, copy the ip address here, or click the Minecraft IP or domain at the top of this page.

What versions of Minecraft does the ☢The Nuclear Box☢ Minecraft server support?

The ☢The Nuclear Box☢ Minecraft server is compatible with Minecraft version 1.18.2 to Minecraft version 1.20.2.

How can I help support ☢The Nuclear Box☢?

If you want to support the ☢The Nuclear Box☢ Minecraft server, you can help by voting on them every 24 hours, contributing blocks you earn around the site, and just playing on ☢The Nuclear Box☢'s Minecraft server. Don't forget to tell friends too!

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