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SanityMindz5 months ago

Lootboxes, keys, ranks and ranks are all sold on their store. All of these are violations of the mojang & microsofts TOS. They sell "minions" (I'm assuming they do work for you) they put limits on HOW many minions you can have spawned. But they remove this limit for a small fee of $185 discounted from $749. These minions can farm, mine, fish, get wood etc. ALL OF THESE ARE WHAT PLAYERS DO IN MINECRAFT!!! Thats the point of minecraft. Is to grind, get resources and stockpile. We do NOT need minions to do this for us.

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star_rice6 months ago

Very pay to win. Reset the world due to mismanagement of economy and removed everyones ranks/perks they had bought with real money. They offered store credit for the amount spent that expired within 7 days of issuance (which is ridiculous bc most things are heavily over priced, meaning I would have gotten a fraction of what my money had been worth). Also, they immediately started showing signs of mismanagement after the reset. They're desperate for players/funds and it shows.