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Version 1.7.1 to 1.19.2
Game Modes factions hunger games mcmmo minigames
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Valexium Factions ┃ OCE's Screenshot
Valexium Factions ┃ OCE's Screenshot

About Valexium Factions ┃ OCE

Valexium Factions
Hosted in Sydney, Australia.
Versions Supported: 1.8 to Latest

King of the Hill events where you can dominate your opponents for rewards!
Darkzone an off grid world for combat enthusiasts, only three exits.
Meteors drop frequently within Darkzone, they are a fast way to obtain rare items!
Boss Fights occur on an interval within Darkzone!
Custom Enchants, visit the Enchant Guru to see his item enhancements!
Masks apply visual and tangible enhancements to your armour!
Hunger Games can be played alongside factions!
Custom Parkour, rewards at the finish line.
Outposts for you to capture, controlling teams earn rewards!
Raid Outpost for you to raid and plunder, winning faction earns rewards!
Sand Bots, robots who automatically fill your cannons with sand.
Levels obtainable with in-game cash!
Duels, vs your opponent in our custom duel arenas!
Active Staff, we are always looking for additions to our friendly staff team.
There is much to see and do on Valexium, come and see for yourself :)

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WobblyLegs9 months ago

I live in nsw my ping so good thats why i joined but its a nice server too

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