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Updated 8 minutes ago
Version 1.18
Game Modes survival smp
Vampire SMP's Screenshot
Vampire SMP's Screenshot
Vampire SMP's Screenshot

About Vampire SMP

About Our SMP


🦇Vampire SMP is a normal SMP with some fun plugins. Some of them are

🌐 Essentials - Set home, tpa, warp, etc

⚒ Grief Prevention - land claim (your land will be protected from griefing)

😸small pets - A small pet which will be flying and following you

👩‍💻 Better RTP - Spawns you randomly!

  ❕ And much more


Our concept is to make this server look awesome and beautiful with your builds!

(We also have a LIfeSteal SMP 💖 ! Join our server to know more about that server)


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