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Updated 9 minutes ago
Version 1.9 to 1.19.2
Game Modes survival pvp pve economy factions
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VideoTalk 18+'s Screenshot
VideoTalk 18+'s Screenshot

About VideoTalk 18+

On you first join to the Minecraft server you will be given a 4(four) digit code, take this code and Direct Message the "Minecraft Chatter Bot" on Discord. You may need to turn on Direct Messaging in your privacy settings. This will link your account!

You can play Survival, PvP, MCMMO, PvE, Economy, Bedrock, SMP, Roleplay, Vanilla, Crossplay, on the VideoTalk18+ MC SERVER Minecraft Server. 

You can join the Discord server for VideoTalk18+ MC SERVER to chat with other players, request support, and read about the latest updates in VideoTalk18+ MC SERVER's Discord Server.

Actively updated RPG quest lines and a competitive battlepass give you even more ways to pay with the community!

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SyKoSoFi4 weeks ago

Fun server, simple verification. Great Community!

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