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Updated 4 minutes ago
Version 1.18.2
Game Modes survival pvp semianarchy mmorpg minigames
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About VirtualMC Network

VirtualMC Network currently offers the following servers hosted in Singapore region.

Lifesteal Hardcore, a semi-Vanilla/semi-Anarchy Survival server that allows you to do whatever you want. It has vote crates, shops, economy, and pvp arenas for optimal while leaning towards Vanilla Gameplay.

CrystalPVP is a kitPVP server that focuses on end crystal pvp + 1.18 Combat. It consists of multiple maps as well as gamemodes.

Survival MMO, one of the largest MMO Survival in Asia. It consists of over 200+ plugins for modified gameplay without sacrificing the Vanilla Minecraft. Enjoy lots of content that it can offer while prioritizing server performance in mind.

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66 votes
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schizoo 3
bunnywafa 2
.soldier_moss169 2
wingsjava 2
.maxdatasaver 1
bryanofficial08 1
.aquarius_021405 1
bilat_32 1
.astraaaaaa00 1
impact_premium 1

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